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Word 2 Word
Brent Kievit-Kylar

Word 2 Word has moved to Google Code. Please go here to see the project.

Word 2 Word is a word similarity visualization tool. It represents similarities in a network where nodes are words and edges are similarities. This version supports 24 different standard word similarity metrics that work "out of the box". Take a look at the documentation section below for a detailed explination or see the simple tutorial when you start the program up.

  1) Download Main Program.
      1a) Download WordNet
      1b) Install WordNet
      1c) Download WordNet InfoContent
      1d) Extract file into word net directory.
  2) Double click to run word2word.jar

Data Sets:

  McRae Norms Cosine
  Semantic Pictionary
  Elman Corpus


  Powerpoint presentation
  Project overview
  YouTube Tutorial

Source Code:

  Source Code (5/3/2012)
  Source Code (5/21/2012)