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October 25-28, 2007
The Society for Ethnomusicology
53rd Annual Conference - Ethnomusicology Beyond Disciplines


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SEM 2008 Special Events:

Pre-Conference:  Toward a 21st-Century Ethnomusicology

Concert Series:
The Local Arrangements Committee is pleased to sponsor a series of nine concerts (three each evening) showcasing the deep talent pool within SEM, ranging from graduate students to senior scholar/performers. Concerts will be devoted to music from Africa, South Asia (Hindustani and Karnatak), Southeast Asia (including Javanese Wayang Kulit), Ireland, West Asia, East Asia, Europe and North America, and the Caribbean and Latin America. We are also presenting a Hollywood feature film with a talk by Mark Slobin and distinguished Wesleyan film professor Jeanine Basinger.”

You may purchase an “All Concert Pass” in advance for $15 on the conference registration form. This pass allows access to all of the concerts (and film).

2008 Society for Asian Music Keynote Lecture Sunday, October 26, 2008 12:30-1:30PM


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