SEM 2010 Program Book

Open Forum. Thursday, 3:45-5:15 pm. Fernwood.
Urban Disaster, Population Displacement and Detroit: Imagining Urban Ethnomusicology for the Musics of a "Dead City".
Chairs: Kelly Natasha Foreman & Sheldon Santamaria, Wayne State University.

Cross-Disciplinary Conversations I. Friday, November 12, 1:30-3:30 pm. Rosewood.
Sustained Engagement: Anthropology, Community Collaboration and Human Rights.
Victoria Sanford, CUNY Lehman College and the Graduate Center.

Cross-Disciplinary Conversations II. Saturday, November 13, 10:45 am-12:30 pm. Rosewood.
Paper - Part 1.
Paper - Part 2.
Why Listen to the Other Animals? Katharine Boynton Payne, Bioacoustics Research Program, Cornell University.