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Indiana University Bloomington

Brian David


[1955- 2012] was a theoretical physicist who made important contributions to nuclear and many-body physics. In addition, he was an outstanding teacher and a valued colleague. In honor of Brian we are holding a one-day symposium at Indiana University on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. The symposium will be held at CEEM, the Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter, (formerly the IU Cyclotron Facility) located at 2401 N. Milo B. Sampson Lane, Bloomington, IN and at the Indiana University Physics Department. See the schedule for the symposium program. The symposium will conclude with a dinner on the evening of Wednesday, March 6.

Presenters Include

J. Dirk Walecka, College of William & Mary and Jefferson Laboratory
George Walker, Cleveland State University
Dick Furnstahl, Ohio State University
Ray Bishop, University of Manchester
Chuck Horowitz, Indiana University
Jorge Piekarewicz, Florida State University
Jim Napolitano, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Tetsuo Matsui, University of Tokyo
Hiroshi Uechi, Osaka Gakuin University