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Bernice A. Pescosolido

Position title

Chancellor's Professor of Sociology
Director, ICMHSR

Institution and Location Degree Year(s) Field of Study
University of Rhode Island; Kingston

Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut













A.  Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

1981-1983         Lecturer, Indiana University

1983-1990        Assistant Professor, Indiana University

1987,1993         Fellow, Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics in American Institutions

1990-1998         Associate Professor, Indiana University

1998-Present     Professor, Indiana University

1998-Present     Chancellors’ Professor, Indiana University

Awards and Honors (Selected)

1989-1994         Research Scientist Development Award, National Institute of Mental Health

1989                 Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching Award

1993                 Chair, Medical Sociology Section, American Sociological Association

1993-Present     Overseers' Board, The General Social Survey (ISSP Liaison, 1997-present)

1994-1999         NIMH-RISP Award, “Program for Services Research on the Severely Mentally Ill”

1995                 Guest Editor, Special Issue of Journal of Health and Social Behavior

1997-2002         Independent Scientist Award, National Institute of Mental Health

1998                 Member, Alliance of Distinguished Rank Professors

2000                 Elected Fellow, Sociological Research Association

B.  Peer-reviewed Publications (Selected)

1992     Pescosolido, B.A. Beyond Rational Choice: The Social Dynamics of How People Seek Help. American Journal of             Sociology 97:1096-1138.

1995     Pescosolido, B.A., E.R. Wright, and W.P. Sullivan. Communities of Care: A Theoretical Perspective on Care 
            Management Models in Mental Health. pp. 37-80  Advances in Medical Sociology. Volume 6. Gary Albrecht (ed.).              Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

1996     Pescosolido, B.A. Bringing the 'Community' into Utilization Models: How Social Networks Link Individuals to  
            Changing Systems of Care. pp. 171-198 in  Research in the Sociology of Health Care Vol. 13. Jennie J. Kronenfeld              (ed.).Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

1997     Alegría, M., B.A. Pescosolido, D. Santos and M. Vera. Can We Conceptualize and Measure Continuity of Care in 
            Individual Episodes? The Case of Mental Health Services in Puerto Rico. Sociological Focus 30(2): 113-129 (Special             Issue on Continuity of Care).

1997     Wright, E.R., B.A. Pescosolido, R. Levin Penslar. New Ethical Challenges to Mental Health Services Research in  
            the Era of Community-BasedCare. Journal of Mental Health Administration 24(2):139-152.

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1998     Pescosolido, B.A., C. Brooks-Gardner and K.M. Lubell. Choice, Coercion and 'Muddling Through':  Accounts of 
            Help-seeking from 'First-Timers.' Social Science and Medicine 46(2): 275-286.

1998     Pescosolido, B.A., E.R. Wright, M. Alegría and M. Vera. Social Networks and Patterns of Use Among the Poor with 
            Mental Health Problems in Puerto Rico. Medical Care 36(7): 1057-1072.

1999     Pescosolido, B.A., C.A. Boyer. How Do People Come to Use Mental Health Services? Current Knowledge and 
            Changing Perspectives. pp. 392-411 in The Sociology of Mental Health and Illness. A.V. Horwitz and T.L. Scheid 
            (eds.). New York: Cambridge
University Press.

1999     Pescosolido, B.A., E.R. Wright, and K. Lutfey. The Changing Hopes, Worries and Community Supports of  
            Individuals Moving from A Closing Long-term Care Facility. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & 
            Research. 26(3): 276-288.

1999     Pescosolido, B.A., E.R. Wright, and S. Kikuzawa. ‘Stakeholder’ Attitudes Over Time Toward the Closing of a State
            Hospital. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research. 26(3): 318-328.

1999     Pescosolido, B., C. Boyer & K. Lubell. The Social Dynamics of Responding to Mental Health Problems: Past,  
            Present and Future Challenges to Understanding Individuals’ Use of Services.  pp. 441-460 in handbook of the  
            Sociology of Mental Health. C. Aneshensel and J. Phelan (eds.). Plenum Press.

1999     Link, B.G., J. Phelan, M. Bresnahan, A. Stueve, and B.A. Pescosolido.  Public Conceptions of Mental Illness:  
            Labels, Causes, Dangerousness, and Social Distance.  American Journal of Public Health 89(9): 1328-1333.

1999     Pescosolido, B.A., J. Monahan, B.G. Link, A. Sueve, and S. Kikuzawa.  The Public’s View of the Competence, 
            Dangerousness and Need for Legal Coercion among Persons with Mental Illness. American Journal of Public Health 
             89(9): 1339-1345.

2000     Martin, J.K., B.A. Pescosolido, and S.A. Tuch.  Of Fear and Loathing: The Role of ‘Disturbing Behavior’, Labels, and 
            Causal Attributions in Shaping Public Attitudes Toward Persons with Mental Illness. Journal of Health and Social 
            Behavior 41(2):208-233.

2000     Phelan, J.C., B.G. Link, A. Stueve, and B.A. Pescosolido.  Public Conceptions of Mental Illness in 1950 and 1996: 
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2000     Swindle, R., K. Heller, B.A. Pescosolido, and S. Kikuzawa.  Responses to ‘Nervous Breakdowns’ in America over a 
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            Sociology in Research and Policy for the 21st Century.  Pp. 411-425 in The Handbook of Medical Sociology.  
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2001     Pescosolido, B.A., J.K. Martin and S.A. Tuch.  The Profession of Medicine and the Public: Examining Americans’ 
            Changing confidence in Physicians from the Beginning of the ‘Health Care Crisis’ to the Era of Health Care Reform.  
            Journal of Health and Social Behavior 42(March):1-16.

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            of Disability Studies. Gary L. Albrecht, Katherine D. Seelman and Michael Bury (eds.). Sage Publications.

2001     Pescosolido, B.A. and Carol A. Boyer.  “The American Health Care System: Entering the 21st Century with High  
            Risk, Major Challenges and Great Opportunities.”  Pp. 180-198 in The Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology. 
             W.C. Cockerham, ed. Blackwell Publishers.

2002     Pescosolido, B.A. and Judith A. Levy.  “The Role of Social Networks in Health, Illness, Disease and Healing:  The
            Accepting Present, TheForgotten Past, and The Dangerous Potential for A Complacent Future.”  Social Networks
            and Health 8:3-25.

2002     Wright, E.R. and B.A. Pescosolido. “‘Sorry, I Forgot’: The Role of Recall Error in Longitudinal, Personal Networks
            Studies.” Social Networks & Health 8:113-129.

In Press T.W. Croghan, M. Tomlin, B. A. Pescosolido, J. Martin, K. Lubell, and R.  Swindle. Americans' Knowledge and
            Attitudes Towards and Their Willingness to Use Psychiatric Medications. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disorders

In Press J.McGrew, B.A. Pescodolido, E.R. Wright, E. Case manager perspectives on Assertive Community Treatment:
            Critical ingredients, clinical ingredients, and variations in implementation. Psychiatric Services.

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