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Jack K. Martin

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Director of Research, Institute of Social Research

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A.  Positions and Honors

Positions and Honors

1977-80             Associate Instructor of Sociology, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

1980-82             Visiting Asst. Professor of Sociology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

1982-90             Assistant to Associate (1985) Professor of Sociology & Society and Technology Studies, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI

1988-90             Post-doctoral Fellow, NIAAA Training Program on Employee Alcoholism. Institute for Behavioral Research, University of Georgia

1988-90             National Research Service Award, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

1988-98             Associate Professor to Professor (1994) of Sociology (Adjunct), The University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

1990-98             Associate to Senior (1994) Research Scientist, Survey Research Center. Institute for Behavioral Research. The University of Georgia,  Athens, GA.

1990-98            Director, Survey Research Center. Institute for Behavioral Research. University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

1993                 Member, Initial Review Group, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Small Business Innovation Research.

1996-98            Director, Methodology and Statistics Group. Institute for Behavioral Research, University of Georgia

1988-present    Fellow, Center for Research on Deviance and Behavioral Health, University of Georgia Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Kent State University, Kent, OH.

2000                 Member, Initial Review Group, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Prevention Branch.

2001-present    Director of Research, Institute of Social Research, Indiana University, Bloomington

B.  Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

1993     Kraft, J.M., T.C. Blum, J.K. Martin, and P.M. Roman. Drinking patterns and the gender mix of occupations: Evidence from a national survey of American workers. Journal of Substance Abuse 5(2): 157-174.

1993     Beach, S.R.H., J.K. Martin, T.C. Blum, and P.M. Roman. Subclinical depression and role fulfillment in domestic settings: Spurious relationships, imagined problems, or real effects. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 15(2): 113-128.

1993     Martin, J.K. Market employment, perceived overload, and the performance of women with families in non-work settings. Journal of Employee Assistance Research 1(2): 301-314.

1993     Blum, T.C., P.M. Roman, and J.K. Martin. Alcohol consumption and work performance. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 54(1): 61-70.

1994     Martin, J.K., J.M. Kraft, and P.M. Roman. The extent and impact of alcohol and drug problems in the workplace, pp. 3-31 in S. McDonald and P. Roman (eds.), Drug Screening in the Workplace: Research Perspectives. New York: Plenum Press.

1994     Coverdill, J., W. Finlay, and J.K. Martin. Labor management in the southern textile industry: Comparing qualitative, quantitative, and quantitative-qualitative analyses. Sociological Methods & Research 22(1): 54-85.

1994     Finlay, W. and J.K. Martin. What do employers want and why? A comparative analysis of hiring practices in textile and electrical plants. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 13: 147-73.

1994     Tuch, S.A., L. Sigelman, and J.K. Martin. Fifty years after Myrdal: Blacks' racial policy attitudes in the 1990s. Challenge: A Journal of Research on African American Men 5(2): 44-57.

1995     Beach, S.R.H. and J.K. Martin. Work, family and health: The expanding role of EAP professions. Journal of Employee Assistance Research, 1(2): 235-238. Reprinted in Employee Counseling Today 7(4).

1995     Frank, N.C., R. L. Blount, A.J. Smith, M. R. Manimala, and J.K. Martin. Parent and staff behavior, previous child medical experience, and maternal anxiety as they relate to child procedural distress and coping. Journal of Pediatric Psychology 20(3): 277-89.

1995     Holyfield, L., L. Ducharme, and J.K. Martin. Drinking contexts, alcohol beliefs, and patterns of alcohol consumption: Evidence for a comprehensive model of problem drinking. Journal of Drug Issues 26(4): 783-98.

1995     Finlay, W., J.K. Martin, P.M. Roman, and T.C. Blum. Organizational structure and job satisfaction: Do bureaucratic organizations produce more satisfied employees? Administration and Society 27(3): 427-50.

1996     Martin, J.K., T.C. Blum, S.R.H.Beach, and P.M. Roman. Subclinical depression and performance at work. Journal of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 31(1): 3-9.

1996     Martin, J.K. and P.M. Roman. Job satisfaction, job reward characteristics, and employees' problem drinking behaviors. Work and Occupations 23(1): 4-25 (finalist for the 1997 Braverman Award of the SSSP).

1996     Martin, J.K., P.M. Roman, and T.C. Blum. Job stress, drinking networks, and social support at work: A comprehensive model of employees' problem drinking behavior. Sociological Quarterly 37(4): 201-21.

1997     Tuch, S.A., and J.K. Martin. Racial Attitudes in the 1990s. Continuity and Change. Westport, CT: Praeger.

1997     Fifty Years after Myrdal: Blacks' Racial Policy Attitudes in the 1990s.  Pp. 226-38 in S. Tuch and J.K. Martin (eds.) Racial Attitudes in the 1990s: Continuity and Change. Westport, CN: Prager.

2000     Ducharme, L. and J.K. Martin. Unrewarding work, coworker support, and job satisfaction: A test of the ‘buffering’ hypothesis. Work and Occupations 27(2): 223-43.

2002     Martin, J.K. and S.A. Tuch. Patterns of problem drinking among African-American workers: Preliminary results from a national survey. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Forthcoming.

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