News from the Field: Day 7--Geophysical Experiment

Two new guests joined us today: Ilene Cooper and Ken Austin from the University of Southern California--geophysicists who are studying active deformation of Long Valley using Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements. We spent part of the morning at SNARL, reviewing their current research on active deformation in and around Long Valley. Ilene and Ken then trained the group on setup and operation of state-of-the-art geophysical monitoring equipment--GPS receivers, a high-precision gravity meter, and a magnetometer. We learned how to set up, operate, and analyze data from these geophysical instruments. The group then headed out to Lookout Mountain for a picnic lunch, followed by a field experiment around Long Valley's 'resurgent dome'--the site of many of the signs of volcanic unrest at Long Valley.  Ken and Ilene joined us for dinner back at SNARL, followed by a quiet (well, not really!) evening back at the dorm.

    May 16th
Ken Austin demonstrates how to set up a surveying tripod and GPS equipment, while Megan looks on.
Ganesh tries out the optical plummet
At their first field site, Michael shows a few pointers on setting up a tripod.
Then, the new surveyors try it out on their own. Dan, Tabitha, and Alicia struggle to set up the tripod, with John kibbutzing from above...
Then Jack, Dan, and Daniel show how it's done right.
Then Robin and Alicia work on programming the GPS receiver.
While we wait for the GPS data to accumulate, Adam, Robin, and Jack rock out in the van.
On the return home, a spectacular view of the Little Antelope Valley, with the Sierra in the background
After a successful GPS field experiment, Robin and Megan stock up on all the calories they expended in the field!