News from the Field: Day 9--Recreation Day!

After eight grueling days in the field, the group finally had a day off. Everyone chose a recreation option that suited their tastes. Preeti, Tabitha, and Robin took a kayak tour of Mono Lake; 'the boys' (Adam, Dan, Daniel, Ganesh, and Jack) took in some springtime skiing at Mammoth Mountain; Nicole, Chris, and Alicia joined John, Michael, and our friends Dave Marquart and Connie Henderson on a cross-country ski tour at the edge of Yosemite Park; Lauren, Megan, and Esther went boating on Convict Lake and then hiked back to SNARL; and Brandy spent most of the day listening to country-western music in the van--shuttling all of our revelers from place to place. Because the camera was with the skiers, you'll see photos from the ski tour of Tioga Pass.

    May 18th
The morning breaks with our morning view of Mount Morrison from our kitchen window.
We drop off the kayakers at Mono Lake, with the famous tufa towers visible in the lakeshore.
The drive up to Tioga Pass affords a spectacular view of the edge of the Sierra Nevada.
And a close-up view of the 1000 year-old Mono Crater volcanoes
Up at Tioga Pass, the gang gets started skiing, with Mount Dana in the background.
Alicia, Nicole, and John smiling in the bright springtime sun.
Nicole and Alicia on the trail.
Chris shows off his classy cross-country skiing style.
And Nicole shows off her classy skiing style!
Alicia and Nicole take a break from skiing to make some Yosemite snow angels.
The group enjoys a lunch on a sunny hillslope.
Our cross-country ski guides, Dave Marquart and Connie Henderson.
Overloaded ski leaders John and Michael give new meaning to the term "belly busters".
The group starts back along the Tioga Pass road--covered with 8 feet of spring snow!
The exhausted leader shows the proper technique for a 'Yosemite face plant'.
The proud skiers pose by the Yosemite gate
Back at the ranch, the ladies have opened up the "Snarl Hair Salon". (You won't recognize them when they come home!)
Dan and Jack relax after a long day of downhill skiing
And Megan and Michael get some more workout on the horseshoe pit.
In the evening, the weary sportsmen trade back rubs...