News from the Field: Day 10--Recreation Day!

After nine grueling days in the field, the group finally had a day off. We all chose from a variety of recreation options. As it turned out, the group split up into two.  The tough-skinned outdoorsmen (John, Michael, Ryan, Josh, and Mia) took off early for an all-day hike up Rock Creek Canyon; the others slept in, enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast, and enjoyed the day at Convict Lake and shopping in Mammoth. Brandy got to relax for much of the day--in between shuttling all of our revelers from place to place. Because the camera was with the all-day hikers you'll see photos from the hiking tour of Rock Creek Canyon.

    May 31st
The morning breaks with our morning view of Mount Morrison from our kitchen window.
At the Rock Creek trailhead, Josh, Mia, and Ryan point the way...
A group photo on the trail--with a spectacular view of the Sierra Nevada in the background.
Mia on the trail--about to hit the first snow.
Ryan, Mia, and Josh stop for a break along the trail.
Ryan's up in the snow!
Josh learns how to glissade down the slopes!
And Michael sinks in up to his knees!
We finally reach the high country--with glacial lakes and spectacular mountain scenery.
Ruby Lake--a glacial cirque lake, still covered in ice, surrounded by a steep rock ampitheater.
Scared off by the ice covering the lake?  No way!  Josh, Mia, and Ryan are ready to dive in!
Looks like John (aka 'The Icebreaker') is going to be the first one in!
Is this crazy or what?
Not to be outdone, Josh and Michael are in!
The survivors after their polar-bear swim...
The boys--warming up on the rocks.
Did I really do this???
Mia and Michael ham it up on the rocks.

John and Mia pose by the lakeshore--from the rocky highlands above.
After the break--the long trail back down...
A beautiful example of pegmatite...

And about 20 species of moss...
Uh-oh!  Look what else we found on the trail!

In the evening, it's game night!  Two games of euchre and 'National Parks Monopoly'...