News from the Field: Day 14--Lundy Canyon and Farewell Barbeque

Our last day in the field!  We slept in today--till 8:30 AM! After a brief errand in Mammoth, we headed up north to Lundy Canyon. Our cook, Linda Dore reserved a beautiful picnic site along Lundy Creek and we arranged to meet her and our friends Dave Marquart and Connie Henderson, at the end of an afternoon's hike.  We walked well up the valley, over rocks, snow, and waterfalls, to view a beautiful alpine setting, just at the beginning of spring. Lots of recreational opportunities, from birdwatching to rock climbing to glissading down the snow. We met back at the campsite for a late afternoon barbeque, a campfire, and impromptu celebration that lasted to nightfall. After the party, we returned to SNARL to complete our final cleanup of the SNARL dorm, our home for the last two weeks. Did we make a mess!  We slaved over the mess till midnight. 

    June 4th
Late morning, and we've started our trek up the  steep slope of the Lundy Creek canyon. 
Carrying all of the proper equipment (plastic bag filled with ???), our fearless leader pauses by a Lundy Creek waterfall.
On the way up, Mia, Josh, Renee, Matt and Sam find a perfect spot for a relaxing lunch--followed by a chilly swim in Lundy Creek.

On the way up to the pass, John, Michael, and Josh encounter some rough terrain--loose talus on one side, and steep snow on the other.
Check out the video of the Lundy Canyon waterfall [2.4 MB AVI file]
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On the way up, Michael, John, and Josh pause by a high alpine waterfall.

Josh carefully picks his way up the steep snow field.
Josh and the two Michaels enjoy the view from the pass. 
And what a view it is!  Looking northwest toward the Saddlebag Lakes and the high Sierra.
How to get down from the summit?  Josh shows the fun way down!
On the way down, we get a fabulous view of the Lundy Creek valley--a classic example of a U-shaped glacial valley.
Back down at our campsite, what's waiting for us?  Another one of Linda's spectacular dinners--cooked on site while we enjoyed our hike.
Our chef relaxes with her husband Dave (who gets to eat in return for helping to haul out all of Linda's gear!).
After dinner, John and Michael are challenged to a difficult game of 'G188 student trivia'.
The punishment for an incorrect answer:  a 'face plant' into the icy stream.
Now John has to join him!
Next question...
...Next punishment!
After the public humiliation of the professors, the famous annual "Outstanding Underacheivers Awards" ceremony.  Here Ruben collects the "Vanity Fair" award for his dashing style under duress.
Ryan accepts the "Golden Tweezers" award for high-altitude surgery.
Lily gets the coveted "CO2 Tree Kill Award" for gaseous emissions...
Emily proudly accepts the "Random Word Generator Award"!

And Mia accepts the "Loud Stretcher Award"
The "Human Icebreaker Award" goes to Josh for his courageous swim in sub-zero temperature water.
And the "Lower the Curve Award" goes to ... Rachel!

Next activity:  the Lundy Canyon hair salon is open for business.
Michael serenades the group with some nostalgic tunes from the sixties, while Renee and Sam practice the 'funky chicken'.

And John discovers an ancient folktale (Remember the one about a dog and a chicken in China?).
Linda bids the group a sad farewell--and gets a well deserved group hug from the happy campers.

A demonstration of Bengali dancing by Debby and Ruben.
Check out the video of Ruben and Debby's Bengali dance! [1.7 MB AVI file]
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And American hip-hop by Liz, Mia, Ruben, and Lily...
Check out the video of Matt, Ruben and Liz [1.5 MB AVI file]
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The stereo is cranking, and the revelry begins! 
Even the old professors join in!
After Michael shares a moving campfire story, the group gathers round for one more photo around the dying embers...