News from the Field: Day 15--Back home via Las Vegas

We're on our way back home! We got an early start (well, tried to get an early start!) from SNARL, after our final clean-up.  After spending about a half an hour trying to figure out how to get the luggage--expanded with rocks from the Sierra Nevada--crammed into the vans, we said our farewells with Dan Dawson, then headed east over the mountains to Nevada. We took the back route over Westgard Pass into Deep Springs Basin, and on to Nevada. We had a scenic drive through Nevada's deserts to Las Vegas, for a quick and wild tour of what has to be the world's strangest city. On to the airport, the long flight back to Indy, and reunions with friends and family back home!

    June 5th

John and Mia enjoy a final breakfast in the immaculately clean dorm.  Don't spill a drop!
Debby, Liz, and Ruben are crammed in the van, along with 500 pounds of luggage.

On the drive east, we head through remote Deep Springs Valley. 
Josh takes a picture of the Nevada State Forest--a field of Joshua trees.
A nice spot for a lunch stop?  I don't think so! 
Finally, a shady spot for a picnic lunch en route--in Beatty, Nevada.
Finally, the bright lights of Las Vegas!  Watch out, Nevadans!  The Hoosiers have arrived!!!
Wait, where are we?? The group pauses by the Brooklyn Bridge--in Las Vegas?
Mia and Renee--ready to take on New York!

And who are those cute boys by the Statue of Liberty???

No, wait!  It's Paris!  The tourists show off their classy new green and red visors...
And our Parisian models pose in front of the Eiffel Tower..
Ruben and Renee discover "Men: The Show".
And Mia and Renee check out some new career options...
Just another day in Las Vegas... Look who Lily's hangin' with!
All good things must come to an end.  The group collapses in the Las Vegas airport... 
And we're on our way home!  Can you spot Emily???