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December 18, 2002
Issue #22

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Unicorn 2002 - Expected Changes

The following is a general outline of the changes you'll see in the WorkFlows 2002 client:

  • The "DOS window" or "extra window" or "black box" that starts at the same time WorkFlows starts (and which is essential to the proper functioning of WorkFlows) will now be closed automatically by WorkFlows after startup. For many users this will happen so fast that the additional window won't be visible any more; for some users the window may pop up and then disappear almost immediately.

  • The "data wells" or "text entry boxes" into which you type data in WorkFlows will now have a white background for better legibility. This applies across all records (user records, bib records, orders, invoices, etc.) as well as for all search boxes. This applies only to places where data is being typed in--display screens are not affected. There will also be a choice for larger icons to display on toolbars. This is the first part of SIRSI's work on improving legibility in the WorkFlows client; further changes will be expected in Unicorn 2003.

  • Cataloging staff can get a good overview of the changes in cataloging-related functionality (includes illustrations of the white background for text boxes and the larger toolbar icons), by reviewing the MS PowerPoint presentation by Mechael Charbonneau.

  • Acquisitions staff can review the highlights of changes to acquisitions-related functionality by reviewing the information prepared by Vania Goodwin.

  • Circulation functionality will remain much the same as in Unicorn 2001. Some bugs have been fixed, but no new wizards have been added or major functions changed.

IUCAT will look much the same, as well. Two significant changes include

  • Users with multiple records in Unicorn (e.g. proxy records, additional records used by B-LAW and I-DENTSTRY) will now be able to use the My Account functionality to view holdings and renew materials on all records instead of only the primary record.

  • The "Limit Your Search Results to the Following Categories" box will display only on the hit list screen and not on the individual bibliographic record. This should significantly shorten the bibliographic record screen in many cases and make it easier to print, without completely removing the limit functionality, which will remain on all the keyword hit list screens.

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