Welcome to the Skrabalak Group

The Skrabalak group's research provides general design criteria and strategies for the synthesis of new nanomaterials with controlled crystal size, crystal shape, composition, and overall architecture. Nanoscience focuses on materials that are on the scale of one billionth of a meter. When an inorganic material is confined to this size regime in the form of nanocrystals, new and size-dependent properties often emerge. These properties can be used in new technologies that address critical social needs such as better tools for disease diagnosis and treatment and platforms for sustainable energy. Central to these new technologies is the ability to synthesize high-quality nanomaterials, where the composition, size, shape, and architecture of the nanocrystals are precisely controlled. Our research program provides general guidelines for nanomaterial synthesis by demonstrating new strategies that are connected to fundamental chemical and physical principles. These efforts are directed toward materials that are compositionally complex (and thus traditionally more challenging to achieve as high-quality samples) and toward the development of scalable routes to nanomaterials.

Moreover, we believe diversity and inclusion drive creativity and innovation. Collaboration among people from across the world and with different experiences and backgrounds enhance our science. We celebrate different perspectives and approaches, while continually working to promote an inclusive environment, where students are empowered to bring their whole selves to their studies, work, and IU!

More details can be found by following the research link.

Latest Publication

Building Random Alloy Surfaces from Intermetallic Seeds: A General Route to Strain-Engineered Electrocatalysts with High Durability READ NOW


Latest News

  • Welcome visiting undergraduate researcher Ayanna Culmer-Gilbert!
  • Welcome IU undergraduate researcher Emma Endes!
  • Congrats to graduate students Josie Gamler and Hannah Ashberry on their manuscript in ACS Applied Nano Materials!
  • Congrats to graduate student Nick Daanen on completion of his Masters Degree


    Seeking Graduate Students

    The Skrabalak group is seeking highly motivated graduate students with an interest in materials chemistry. All applicants must apply directly to the program. LINK.

    Undergraduate Research

    Research opportunities available for undergraduates! Inquire via email. Include your resume, list of science courses completed, and gpa. Also, check out our Science Ambassadors' Program.

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