News and Announcements


September 2016:

  • Congrats to Jie, who is selected for a 2016 Provost's Travel Award for Women in Science
  • The Chemistry Department recommends Professor Skrabalak for promotion to Full Professor!

August 2016:

  • Congrats to graduate student Alison Smith on the successful defense of her thesis
  • Congrats to postdoc Hamed on his acceptance of a new postdoc position at Georgetown University
  • Congrats to all our excellent REU students on their excellent poster presentations

July 2016:

  • Congrats to graduate student Jie Fu who was selected for the Chester Davis Inorganic Fellowship for 2016-17
  • Congrats to former graduate student Rebecca Weiner on starting at the FDA in Chicago! Way to go
  • We welcome Lena, Chenhao, and Jingyao to the Skrablab! They are international REU students!

June 2016:

  • Prof. Skrabalak is elected vice chair for the next Noble Metal Nanoparticles GRC
  • Welcome incoming graduate students Sandra and Josh!
  • Welcome REU student Joseph!
  • Sara and graduate student Dennis are off to JUAMI in Tanzania!

May 2016:

  • Congrats to Becca Weiner on receiving a best poster award from the Catalysis Club of Chicago
  • Congrats to Becca Weiner on completing her PhD!
  • Congrats to Samantha Harvey on completion of her degree - off to Northwestern for Graduate Studies
  • Congrats to Andjela Radmilovic on her acceptance into graduate school - off to Wisconsin!

March 2016:

  • Congrats to graduate students Meredith Kunz and Josh Santana on being selected for teaching awards by the Chemistry Department
  • Congrats to graduate student Dennis Chen on being selected for a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award!
  • Congrats to graduate student Nick Daanen on being selected for a NSF-GRF! Way to go!
  • Congrats to graduate student Becca Weiner on the successful defense of her thesis
  • Congrats to graduate student Jie Fu on being selected for the David A. Rothrock Award by the Department of Chemistry
  • Congrats to former Skrabalak group postdoc Ellen Steinmiller, our first, on her promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure from the University of Dallas (official August 17)! Way to go!
  • Congrats to graduate student Dennis Chen on receiving the University Graduate School President's Diversity Dissertation Fellowship
  • Professor Skrabalak visits the University of Minnesota and ACS San Diego

Feb 2016:

  • Congrats to Dennis on the acceptance of his paper in Inorganic Chem
  • Congrats to Becca, Dennis, and Oak Ridge Collaborator Ray on the acceptance on their paper in Small
  • Congrats to Alison and Becca on our manuscript accepted in JPC-C! A special issue for Prof. Van Duyne!

Jan 2016:

  • Moitree's paper is accepted in Journal of Materials Chemistry A - Congrats!
  • Professor Skrabalak joins the Editorial Advisory Board for Nanoscale
  • Graduate student Ethan Harak accepts a position at Cook! Congrats!

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