News and Announcements


January 2015:

  • Congrats to Jie Fu on the acceptance of her paper in Chemistry of Materials!
  • Congrats to Nancy Ortiz on the acceptance of her final Skrablab paper in ChemNanoMat!

December 2014:

  • Sara is selected as chair-elect of the Nanoscience sub-division for the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society
  • Sara receives a Scialog Collaborative Grant with Vanessa Huxter from the University of Arizona for their proposal "Light-mediated strain as an adaptive tool toward efficient catalysis"!
  • Congrats to Dennis and Bill on the acceptance of their paper in Chemistry of Materials
  • Sara is selected to the International Advisory Board for Wiley's Journal ChemNanoMat
  • Moitree Laskar completes her thesis defense!
  • Sara is named a Rudy Professor by the Provost of Indiana University
  • Congrats to Nancy and Becca on the acceptance of her paper in ACS Nano
  • Congrats to Dennis on the passing of his qualifying exam!

November 2014:

  • Congrats to Becca on the acceptance of her paper in Angew Chem
  • Congrats to Jie on the passing of her qualifying exam!
  • Congrats to Alison on the passing of her qualifying exam!

October 2014:

  • Sara gives a plenary lecture at CERMACS
  • Sara, Becca, and Jie travel to China for IUMRS! What a fun, interesting experience abroad
  • Sara attends Scialog
  • The Skrablab welcomes new graduate students Meredith Hartley and Evan Rugen
  • Undergraduate researcher Andjela speaks at the Cox Scholar's Fall reception
  • Former graduate student Chris DeSantis starts his postdoc position in Professor Halas' laboratory at Rice University. Good luck!
  • Former graduate student Amanda Mann begins at Merck! Good luck!

August 2014:

  • Visiting student Cheng Peng completes her research experience in the Skrabalak Laboratory
  • Former graduate student Nancy Ortiz starts at Exxon Mobil. Good luck!
  • Congrats to graduate student Chris DeSantis on the successful defense of his thesis!
  • Congrats to Becca, Mariana, and Chris on the acceptance of their paper in ACS Nano!
  • Congrats to grad student Becca Weiner who has been selected for an Academic Scholarship from the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago to support her graduate studies.

July 2014:

  • Congrats to former undergraduate Matthew Bower on the acceptance of his first author paper in JPC-C.
  • Sara and Dennis attend the Solid State GRC and present a talk and poster, respectively
  • Sara attends the DOE Contractors Meeting in Annapolis
  • The Skrablab welcomes visiting student Cheng Peng from Tsinghua University
  • The Skrablab welcomes visiting faculty Dale Harak from Rockhurst University

June 2014:

  • Welcome undergraduate researchers Conner and Michael
  • Sara, Becca, and Chris attend the Noble Metal Nanoparticle GRC - Great science!
  • Congrats to graduate student Chris DeSantis and the undergraduate powerhouse of Aaron Sue, Andjela Radmilovic, Haoming Liu, as well as scientist Dr. Losovyj on the acceptance of their manuscript "Shaping the Synthesis and Assembly of Symmetrically Stellated Au/Pd Nanocrystals with Aromatic Additives" into Nano Letters!
  • The Skrablab attends the UIUC Materials Characterization workshop!

May 2014:

  • Congrats to graduate student Moitree Laskar and husband Debashis Adhikari on the birth of their beautiful daughter Roopkatha!
  • Congrats to Nancy Ortiz on receiving the official title of Dr.!
  • Congrats to undergraduate Matthew Bower on his acceptance into UC-Irvine Med. School!

April 2014:

  • Congrats to graduate student Nancy Ortiz on the sucessful defense of her thesis. Welcome to the rank of Dr.!
  • Postdoctoral Scholar Nate Motl accepts a position at Huber Engineered Materials as a Senior Scientist
  • Professor Skrabalak is selected for a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
  • Congrats to graduate student Jie Fu who received a ChemGRC award to suppor her travel to China for the IUMRS International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials in Fall 2014
  • Nancy, Becca, and Dennis attend and present at the spring MRS Conference in San Francisco
  • Samantha Harvey presents her research at the Hutton Honors College Research Symposium! Congrats on a job well done!
  • Congrats to all the Skrablab members recognized with awards at the Chemistry Honors Banquet: Arts & Science Travel Grant to Moitree Laskar, Crane PhD Fellowship Alison Smith, Chester E. Davis Inorganic Recruiting Fellowship Ethan Harak, Provost's Travel Awards to Jie Fu and Rebecca Weiner, Raymond Siedle Materials Fellowship to Christopher DeSantis, the E. Campaigne/C500 Award to Dennis Chen, and the William H. Nebergall Inorganic Award to Rebecca Weiner. It's great to work with such a talented group!
  • The Board of Trustees at Indiana University vote in favor of tenure and promotion for Professor Skrabalak. Official July 1!

March 2014:

  • Undergraduate researcher Samantha Harvey accepts a position in the REU held at UIUC! She will join the Murphy lab for a few months!
  • Professor Skrabalak accepts the 2014 ACS Award in Pure Chemistry at the National Conference in Dallas! What fun!

Feb 2014:

  • Congrats to graduate student Moitree whose paper on the geometric parameters of shape-controlled Pd nanocrystals was accepted in ACS Catalysis - a new direction for the Skrablab!
  • Congrats to Jie and Becca who receive Provost Travel Award for Women in Science. They will use these funds to travel to China for the IUMRS International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials in Fall 2014

Jan 2014:

  • The Skrablab welcomes postdoctoral scholar Hamed Ataee!
  • Congrats to Nancy Ortiz! Her paper on the dual roles of ligands in metal nanomaterial synthsis is accepted in Langmuir as a Feature Article!

Seeking Graduate Students

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