News and Announcements


May 2017:

  • Congrats graduate student Josh Santana and postdoc Kallum Koczkur on the acceptance of their manuscript in Langmuir! A new direction for the group and Josh's first first author paper!
  • Welcome REU student Mattea Scanlan. We are excited to work with you this summer!

April 2017:

  • Congrats to Professor Skrabalak on being named a Guggenheim Fellow!
  • Congrats to graduate students Nick Daanen and Josh Santana on their acceptances into the US School on Total Scattering Analysis!

March 2017:

  • Congrats to Postdoc Chenyu Wang on his professorship at Nanjing University of Technology (Institute of Advanced Materials)
  • Congrats to Graduate Student Jie Fu on her successful thesis defense! Skrablab PhD #7!
  • Congrats to Graduate Student Sandra Atehortua Bueno on being selected for a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
  • Check out Professor Skrabalak's interview for "People behind the Science" at
  • Congrats to undergraduate researcher Sophie McClain on being selected for Phi Beta Kappa honor society!
  • Alison Smith presents at at conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid Nanomaterials in Portugal
  • Professor Skrabalak presents at Pittcon - a new adventure for her!

February 2017:

  • Congrats to Professor Skrabalak on her Fulbright Fellowship

January 2017:

  • Welcome Cari Rice to the Skrablab!

Seeking Graduate Students

The Skrabalak group is seeking highly motivated graduate students with an interest in materials chemistry. All applicants must apply directly to the program. LINK.

Undergraduate Research

Research opportunities available for undergraduates! Inquire via email. Include your resume, list of science courses completed, and gpa. Also, check out our Science Ambassadors' Program.

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