News and Announcements


September 2015:

  • Congrats to Kallum on the acceptance of his paper in Daltons Transactions - a comprehensive review on PVP in nanoparticle synthesis.
  • Sara visits Loyola University to give the Denkewalter Lecture!
  • Congrats to Alison on the acceptance of her paper in JPC-C! A collaboration with the Dragnea group.
  • Congrats to Becca and Meredith on the acceptance of their Accounts of Chemical Research manuscript on seeded syntheses from our lab!

August 2015:

  • Undergraduate researcher Sophie McClain joins the Skrablab
  • Sara gives two invited talks at the IMRC in Cancun Mexico
  • Becca and Evan attend the National ACS Conference in Boston
  • Congrats to Jie who received a best poster award at the Career Development Symposium in the Department of Chemistry. Also, nice job to all the student organizers!

July 2015:

  • Congrats to graduate students Becca and Dennis on being selected for the Inorganic and Materials Siedle Fellowships
  • Sara speaks at the ACS Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference
  • Welcome graduate student Alex Chen to the Skrablab

June 2015:

  • Both Dennis and Sara attend MRS-Singapore - fun times!
  • Dennis Chen attends X-ray and Neutron Scattering School
  • Congrats to former Skrablab postdoc Lin Xu who has been appointed as an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Nanjing Normal University
  • Welcome gradaute student Josie Legere to the Skrablab
  • Welcome graduate student Josh Santana and post doc Walter Wang to the Skrablab

May 2015:

  • Hamed's invited review paper on attachment-based growth is accepted in RSC Advances
  • Jie and Dennis attend the North American Solid State Chemistry Conference
  • Welcome undergraduate researcher Connor Bunch
  • Congrats to Andjela and Connor on completion of their undergraduate degrees!
  • Congrats to graduate student Meredith Hartley who is a recipient of the C500 Proposal Award, selected by the Graduated Standards Committee
  • Congrats to Moitree Laskar on completion of her PhD! #4 for the Skrablab!

Feb-April 2015:

  • Congrats to Becca on the acceptance of her paper in ChemComm!
  • Becca attends the Royal Society of Chemistry Nanoparticle Faraday discussion at Argonne National Lab
  • Congrats to Dennis Chen who was selected to attend the 17th Annual National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering
  • Congrats to Samantha Harvery who was on senior honor roll (as a junior) and recipient of the Hutton Honors College Award, Malcom A. Kochert Scholarship, and Raymond Siedle Scholarship
  • Congrats to Andjela Radmilovic who was on senior honor roll and who was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and recipient of the Enola Rentschler Van Valer Trafford Scholarship
  • Congrats to Becca Weiner who was selected for the Lynne L. Merritt Fellowship from the Department of Chemistry. This award is given to an outstanding graduate student with the principal criterion being excellence in doctoral research
  • Jie and Hamed attend and present at MRS
  • Congrats to Dennis Chen and Jie Fu on the acceptance of their review paper in ChemNanoMat
  • Sara attends ACS Denver.
  • Congrats to Sara who is named a Rudy Professor by the Provost at Indiana University
  • Congrats to Sara who was selected to receive the 2015 Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award from the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society

January 2015:

  • Congrats to Jie Fu on the acceptance of her paper in Chemistry of Materials!
  • Congrats to Nancy Ortiz on the acceptance of her final Skrablab paper in ChemNanoMat!

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