science ambassadors

Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors is an opportunity for undergraduate researchers in the Skrablab to return to their former or local high schools to discuss their research, discuss life as a science major at IU, and introduce topics such as solar energy science or nanoscience to the students.

Colorful demonstration are typically incorporated. Enthusiastic participants are wanted! Please contact Professor Skrabalak for more information. Provide your resume and list of science classes completed.



Members of the Skrablalak Group volunteer at Wonderlab through their "Real Life Science" and "Nanoscience" Days by giving attendees the opportunity to create stained glass displays with metal nanoparticles.

women in chemistry

Women in Chemistry

Professor Skrabalak is a member of both Women in Chemistry and The Women in Science Program at Indiana University.

Links with great resources!
Women in Chemistry at IU!
IU Women in Science Program
Association for Women in Science
ACS Women Chemists Committee

Southern Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society

Professor Skrabalak served as the local section chair for the 2011 year. Activities include sponsorship of the Student Selected Seminar Series, the Chemistry of Everyday Life Seminar Series, social events for local members, and more!

Southern Indiana Section of the ACS Website

Seeking Graduate Students

The Skrabalak group is seeking highly motivated graduate students with an interest in materials chemistry. All applicants must apply directly to the program. LINK.

Undergraduate Research

Research opportunities available for undergraduates! Inquire via email. Include your resume, list of science courses completed, and gpa. Also, check out our Science Ambassadors' Program.

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