Special workshop/forum on

The Future of Slavic Linguistics

in America




Note: Revised and updated position papers from the SLING2K conference have been published on line as volume 8 (Fall 2006) of Glossos. All earlier versions of papers included in this issue of Glossos have been removed from this site, although two original papers not included in the Glossos edition are still linked below.


Indiana University, Bloomington


February 18

Special workshop/forum on the topic: Slavic Linguistics 2000:

The Future of Slavic Linguistics in America


SLING2K is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education, and will take place all day on Friday, February 18, 2000.

Participants in this event include the following scholars:

Ronelle Alexander, Edna Andrews, John Bailyn, Christina Bethin, David Birnbaum, Catherine Chvany, Lenore Grenoble, Charles Gribble, Laura Janda, Maria Polinsky, Adam Przepiorkowski, Irina Sekerina, and Charles Townsend

Workshop Program

Position Papers (for revised versions of most papers, see Glossos v. 8 (Fall 2006). Two of the original papers are still available at this site:


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