Comparative Slavic Morphosyntax: "The State of the Art"


Indiana University invites you to a workshop (funded by the U.S. Department of Education) on


The workshop will be held at Canyon Inn, in McCormick's Creek State Park, Spencer, Indiana (near Bloomington) on Friday-Sunday 5-7 June 1998.

The workshop is organized around five "position papers":

These position papers are intended to summarize the variation in data across the Slavic languages, define the "state of the art" in existing analysis for each area, communicate innovations and on-going research, and identify an agenda for future investigation. As such, they are meant to serve as springboards for discussion, rebuttal, response, and debate. This call for papers solicits responses in two categories: 10 minute presentations (+ 5 minute discussion) or 20 minutes (+ 10 minute discussion). You may respond to one or several position papers, but must submit an advance abstract for each response; there is no set limit on the number of responses which may be accepted from any one individual.

Although the Workshop program is now full, we invite linguists (Slavist and generalists alike) to attend and participate in a vigorous discussion of these crucial topics in an intimate, retreat-like atmosphere. In preparation for the Workshop, we offer the following materials for downloading or viewing in your browser:

Abstracts will be available for downloading a couple of days before the conference.

A volume of proceedings will be published by Slavica Publishers.

All requests for information, inquiries about position papers, and abstracts should be sent to:

[Office tel.] 1-812-855-2829

George Fowler

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Dept. of Slavic Languages

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