Spring News Letter 2018


First off thank you ski club for a great Fall semester! We sent it just about everywhere we went, so that’s pretty damn sweet! Everyone better be ready for one hell of a Spring semester, because we have a lot planned!

Winter Break Trip to Keystone:

Even though the snow gods were not in our favor out in Keystone this past Winter break trip, we still had a rockin’ time! We as an exec board want to thank everyone for joining us back in the Rockies. If anyone has any sweet pics/vids from that trip, please send them to our email: snowski@indiana.edu. If you haven’t picked up your trip sweatshirt, also send us an email so you can pick that up. 

Spring Shiznitz:

Bar crawls, Darties, Little 5, spring skiing and much more planned for this Spring! If you want to join in on the drunk crazy fun we have planned, make sure to have your dues paid for the year! Dues are still $35 and can be paid through paypal on our website, or through Venmo: @alexandra-michaelis. Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your mothers and fathers because we love to party with your parents!!!! See you all this semester!

Spring Break Trip:

Crested Butte is the destination, so quit with the hesitation! Get pumped for some intermediate to more advanced skiing out in Western Colorado! One week filled with skiing, hanging out, and partying in the best state in the entire country! If you are looking to have one of the best college spring breaks of your life, sign up for the trip homies! Follow this link or visit the Spring Break tab on the home page:



If you are looking to participate in some philanthropy events this Spring, or you are just looking for a way to get more involved in the club, join us in our philanthropy events! We have two events that we are participating in this semester:

1.) Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Indiana

What: We will be raising money to support the Special Olympics of Indiana. This is followed by us jumping in a pool of freezing water with dozens of other IU clubs to support the cause! We participate in this Philanthropy every Spring!

Where: Simon Skjodt Stadium

When: February 10th, 2018 (Time: TBD)


2.) Bowl for Kids Sake for Big Brothers and Big Sisters:

What: We will be raising money for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization here in Bloomington, followed by a night of bowling with the organization! We have participated in multiple philanthropy events with this organization throughout the years and love to help out!

Where: TBD

When: March 5th (Time: TBD)


  • Croozen:

Join the ride share system! Croozen is one of our newest partners for the 2017-18 school year. Their mission in our partnership is to provide an easy to use app for students to make ride sharing to far destinations possible, while allowing you as a driver to make a little extra cash! Go download the free app in your app store to get started and to make a little extra money!

Getting Involved:

If you are interested in getting more involved in the club this semester, we hold committee meetings every Monday in the Global and International Studies Building, Room 1118 starting at 8pm. These meetings are a good way to get away from your studies and just hang out with all of your homies for 30-45 minutes! We plan all of our events through these meetings, so if you would like to see us do something this semester, come on out and share your thoughts! 

That is all we have for you for now sklubbers! Keep bein sick and send it wherever the hell you go on and off campus!!


Your Beautiful Exec Board


Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hello beautiful people! With the Fall semester’s end and Spring semester just kicking into gear we wanted to send out a newsletter to update everyone on what the club will be up to in the last half of the school year.

First off, Telluride…

Holy shit, we killed it. With great weather for (most) of the trip, the 250 people who joined us out in beautiful Southwest Colorado made it a week for the books. From fresh powder to annoying the townies at “their” karaoke bar to one of the best naked ski runs yet, I have to personally thank all of you for being the most fun and badass club on campus. If you missed out on the fun over winter break or are ready for round 2 don’t worry because…

Spring Break!

We have decided on where we will be headed in March and its going to be some of the best Spring skiing anyone can ask for. Stay on the lookout for another email in the coming week for the big reveal. You will not be disappointed.

Telluride Sweatshirts/Dues Reimbursements

For those of you who haven’t gotten sweatshirts left we will be holding a final office hours (if drinking beer while you guys drop by counts as office hours, details below) to get those to you. Also, don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten your dues reimbursement for double paying we haven’t forgotten you. Either email the club and we will put you on the list or come to the final office hours to give us your information and those will be coming back soon.

Where: 517 S Lincoln St, Bloomington, IN 47401

When: January 19th, 4-6pm

Polar Plunge

Every year the club does a Spring philanthropy event with the Indiana chapter of the Special Olympics where we jump in a pool of ice cold water for those less fortunate than us. Below is a link to the team page. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and goes to a great cause. If you are interested in joining the team anyone is welcome to take the plunge with us!

Where: Assembly Hall

When: February 18th, 10am

Team Page: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nicholas-mates/2017-bloomington


The club will be having a dine and donate event at Aver’s Pizza where 20% of sales will donated back to the club. Getting pizza and contributing to the club Takka fund? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Where: Aver’s Pizza – 1285 S College Mall Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401

When: February 7th, 5-8pm

Bar Crawl

We will be having a club bar crawl at the end of this month to celebrate one of the officer’s 22nd birthday. If you are 21, stay tuned in to social media for more of the details coming soon!

Where: Everywhere

When: January 26th

Theme: TBD

Getting Involved!

If you think the club is as badass as we do and want to get more involved you’re in luck! Every week we have committee meetings to figure out what we want to do as a club for the coming weeks and months. Come meet some awesome people and help make the club even more awesome then it already is. With the year coming to an end we are looking for new officers to take over when (if) we all graduate.

Where: Info – East (NE corner of 10th & Woodlawn)

When: Every Monday, 8pm


Make sure to follow us on social media (listed below) to get the most up to date info on club events and all the badass shit we do.

Website: http://www.indiana.edu/~snowski/welcome-to-the-new-iussc-site/

Email: snowski@indiana.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IUSkiandBoard/?fref=ts

Twitter: @IUSkiandBoard

Instagram: iuskiandboard

Stay on the lookout for more events coming soon and remember to stay badass.


IU Ski & Snowboard Club​


Hello beautiful people! I hope you’re ready for another semester of f-ed up insanity cause that’s exactly what you’re going to get. We’ve got a lot lined up already:

1. BOATS! We’re going out Saturday, 9/17 to party on a double-decker pontoon on Monroe Lake for the day. Cost is $25 but if you’re a sober driver you can go for free! To sign up and pay for boats, click on the button on the right of the page, and to be a sober driver just contact us on either our committee or public Facebook page. If you’re not convinced that you want to go, check out how dope we are.

2. PAY YOUR DUES: They’re going up by $10 next Monday, 9/19 so pay them now if you want to save $10! They’re currently $25 and will get you into all our parties, tailgates, and let you come with us on our bangin’ ski trips. Plus, you’ll be able to drink a lot of club… water… (peach-flavored) when you pay. Always a plus.

3. TELLURIDE PORTAL!! Yes mother effers, we’re going to Telluride this winter break. It’s January 1st to 9th and includes a 24-hour party bus, ski in and ski out condos, lift tickets, and discounted rentals. Hands down the best experience you could possibly get out of your college career, so don’t miss it!! Telluride is also by far the Ski Club executive favorite, jussayin.

4. TAILGATES! We had our first last weekend but have one EVERY TAILGATE obviously so if you didn’t make it to the last one then come to the next! We usually set up around 14th and Fess near the porta potties and if you can’t find us just look for the drunkest, largest group around. We also usually tweet pictures of our location so if you can’t find us, checking our Twitter is usually a good option. Speaking of which

5. SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (@IUSkiandBoard) for updates on what we’re doing and how awesome we are (especially our Twitter). Also like our Facebook page for larger updates and event notifications!

6. COMMITTEE MEETINGS: If you’re looking to get more involved with the club, we hold committee meetings open to any due-paying member every Monday at Info East, 8 pm. It’s not boring, we’re attractive and there’s a high chance of free pizza.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at snowski@indiana.edu or send us a message on Facebook. We love hearing from your pretty faces!

Spring Newsletter 2016

Hello beautiful peeps,

Thanks so much to everyone (and the snow Gods) who made Steamboat insane!  Here’s what we have going on the rest of the semester:

  • QUALS:  We easily have a top 3 girl’s bike team so come out and show your support/get really rowdy.  The team will hit the track at 11:45am, members please check your emails for pregame details!
  • LITTLE 5 BOATS:  Sign up over on the right side of the website!  It’s $25 and space is limited so get signed up soon, we’ll be going out on Tuesday afternoon.  More details will be out soon.
  • LITTLE 5 RACE:  Girls race is Friday, we will have events going on all that day and the rest of the weekend.  Again, check your emails closer to Little 5 week.
  • CAMPING/SPRING ISH:  We will also be planning a bunch of other things for the end of the year to make the end of the semester bearable.  Stay tuned for those!

Thanks for an incredible year so far, can’t wait to see you guys for Quals!  As always, if you have any questions, let us know via email.  Look forward to a great end of the year!

First Chair. Last Call.

-Your Ski Club Exec Board

Fall Newsletter

1. Pay your dues!!!! They are $25 right now and will go up to $35 on September 9th! Your dues will be good for the entire year and must be paid before you can partake in any of our social events.

2. ASPEN Snowmass Portal is ready to go!!! The trip is $590 (Plus $100 for party bus). Rentals and lessons are extra cost. follow this link https://gw.echotours.com/Register/439-SocialTrip/areesman (if the link doesn’t work copy and paste the url). If you sign up for the trip a $100 deposit will be required to save your spot and it will require that you pay your dues.

​3. TAILGATES. Make sure you follow us on twitter to get all the details on where we are raging beyond all belief. Although, please note that there are a ton of undercover police at the tailgate fields so underage people be careful.

4. OUR FIRST BARCRAWL will be on Thursday, September 24th. Theme to be determined later. If you are or have some way of proving you are 21 you may totally join us!!!!

Never lose a tailgate,

IUSSC Exec Board​

Spring Newsletter

Whattuupppp Ski Clubbers!

Little Five is just around the corner and we have a ton of events/news for you.

1.)  The women’s Little 500 SKI team came in 1st place in Team Pursuit this past weekend, beating the 2nd place team by more than eight seconds. They deserve our club’s entire support during the race to cheer them on! So…

2.)  We will be having a pregame before the race on Friday April 24th from 12-3pm before the race starts at 4. Check your emails for the location! If you’re coming to the pregame, we want you at the race too! (At least do your very best to come). IF YOU ARE BEING DRUNK AND RUDE AT THE RACE, WE WILL ASK YOU TO LEAVE! Our team can be penalized for our actions, so even though we want to get crazy wild and do beer bongs from the roof, try and keep your drunkenness under control at the track.

3.)  Post-party: After the race, we’re having a huge Little Five party to celebrate SKI! Shenanigans start at 10 p.m., location TBA. THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY PARTY. Because of the crowds, there are absolutely no exceptions to this. Members will be getting a wristband and we will have security. Check your emails this upcoming week for more details!

4.)  Little 500 tanks are going to be on sale this week for $5. Check out our Facebook page to see what they look like!

5.)  No committee meeting this Monday! We will resume meetings at 8:30 in Info East on April 27. These meetings are a great way to get more involved with the club and help out at events. Those who have served on the committee for two consecutive semesters are eligible to apply for an officer position for the next year.

That’s all for now, can’t wait for Little Five! Not that we’ll remember much…

Ski and Party Naked,

IUSSC Exec Board

Fall Newsletter

Welcome back skiers and snowboarders!

It’s hard to believe, but we are quickly entering yet another wild year of classes, tailgates and of course, ski club. The officers have been planning a ton of events to make sure we all start the season off right, so take a look at what we have planned for Welcome Week in addition to all of our other ski club news!

  1. WINTER BREAK TRIP ANNOUNCED – We are taking all of you crazies to Breckenridge, Colo., for a week you will never forget (or might, depending). The trip is January 4-9 with the 3rd and 10th as travel days. The trip includes party bus transportation to and from, lodging and lift tickets. Price details and the portal to sign up will be released soon, but check off those dates, you aren’t going to want to miss this! Callouts and info sessions held in the fall.
  2. Membership dues – If you haven’t paid your member dues, GET ON IT! Dues are discounted for the month of August at $25 and will go up to $35 after. To find out more information about dues and what they get you in the club, hop on over to our FAQ and JOIN pages. To pay, you can use the BUY NOW link on the side of our webpage, pay in cash or in person at any of our events or meetings.
  3. Welcome Week – This is the time of year we love to recruit new members, so feel free to come to any of our events or meetings! We will be chalking, holding callouts, tabling and running around campus drinking a lot of fruit punch. Make sure to spread the word to all of your friends and come to any of our Welcome Week shenanigans.
    1. BOATS– We are packing up the cars and coolers and taking a pontoon boat out onto the cool, crystalline waters of good old Lake Monroe on Thursday August 21. THIS IS A 21 AND OVER EVENT. The cops really crack down on the party boats, especially during a busy week like this, and getting a drinking ticket at the beginning of the year sucks. We have room for 24 people and the cost is $20 a person. We are going to need four sober drivers (your boat experience will be free!) so let us know if you are interested. The link to sign up will be released in the next week.
    2. COOKOUT– I think we love having cookouts more than we love $3 Thursday’s at Roys…just kidding, that will never be true. But we do love them, so come with an empty stomach and be ready to chow down on brats (cheese filled?), burgers and beverages. ‘MERICA. Time and place TBA so keep an eye out!
    3. PARTY- We will be having one of our ski club parties to kick start another awesome year. $5 cover for nonmembers and free for all you who have paid your dues. We WILL have a list of members at the door. Date and location announced closer to Welcome Week.
  4. Committee Meetings – As one of the biggest clubs on campus, we need all the help we can get! The committee is the planning body of the organization, is open to all members and those who serve for two semesters are eligible to run for officer positions in the spring. We’ll announce our first few meetings closer to the end of August.
  5. Shirts– We will be selling 2014 ski club shirts for $15 at our callouts and other events, so make sure to grab one before they run out!
  6. Miscellaneous – We will be planning a camping trip, bar crawls and other excursions for the fall, so stay tuned!

Much love from the entire IUSSC Exec Board –Ski Naked, stay classy and Live. Life. Large.







Have a Great Summer!

Thank you to all our members for another great year with the IU Ski and Snowboard Club! We had a blast hitting the slopes in Telluride this winter and Aspen this spring, and of course tailgates and all of the fun activities in between. Woah. That rhymed.

We had a few firsts for our club: Our first time participating in a philanthropy on campus and our first Little 500 Women’s Bike team ( who rocked it and finished 7th, best finish for a rookie team in school history!)

The new exec board has some fun things planned for all of you next year, so don’t miss out! Remember to renew your membership for 2014-15 or join us for the first time and see what we are all about. (Go to our join page to see how to become a member)

Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all things Ski Club. I promise we are highly entertaining

We are excited to see all of the returning and new faces next school year for more ski naked memories!

Stay classy and Live. Life. Large.

Telluride Openings!

Hello Listserv!


Two things for you—

–          Our Annual Rail Jam will be held on Friday December 6th at 6pm in Dunn Meadow!

  • Come ride real rails, on real snow or watch others shred it up!
  • Prizes, giveaways, swag and an overall good time!
  • Stay tuned for more information soon and check out our flyer attached!



We are opening between 5-10 spots on our winter break trip to Telluride, CO. This includes bus transportation, lodging and lift tickets. To become eligible, you must fill out the waitlist form below.



Spots will be offered on a first come- first serve basis. If you are one of the first 5-10 students to sign up you will receive an email within the next week with information on how to pay. You must have the full payment of $650 ready to go within 48 hours of being offered the spot, otherwise it will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. Please note the waitlist has been open for 24 hours already to our due-paid members, so getting on the list early won’t necessarily assure you get a spot.


If you are further down on the waitlist and aren’t offered a spot, we will send you an email in a week or so to let you know (sorry! Sign up earlier next time!!).


Again, this is your final chance to get on our trip to Telluride. If you have any other general questions about the trip, please let us know!


Have a wicked awesome week; cross your fingers pray for more snow!