Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Due-paying members get all the benefits of being in the club, and member dues can be paid online using the link on the sidebar or in person at any events or meetings. You can read more about paying member dues at our JOIN page up top. Also sign up for our emails for the most up-to-date information and be sure to come to our callouts, meetings and events!

What does paying dues get me?

Paying your dues gets you access to all of our big club events and is required if you join us on any of our trips out west, camping, or climbing. We use dues to help pay for events, advertising, food, and our other operating expenses. It also gets you into any of our parties throughout the year for free, not to mention our tailgates, bar crawls, trips, socials, and any other shenanigans we do this year! If you stay active, you’ll get your money’s worth. Best 30 bucks ever spent. Due-paying members also qualify for discounted season pass rates at Paoli Peaks!

How can I stay/become more involved?

Don’t by shy! Feel free to approach the officers, ask questions, get to know us! We also have weekly committee meetings if you want to be a part of the planning process for our events. Most importantly, come to the events, meet people, and join in on the discussion. And for the love of God, DO NOT FLY to our winter break trips. The bus ride is fu**** awesome. You’ll meet a ton of people and have a great time. I’m serious… don’t fly. We’ll find out. There are close to 400 people in the club, so you won’t get to know everyone, but find a group to hang out with and come to our events!

I’m an awful at skiing/boarding… can I still join?

Please do… we do much more then ski. Either way, who can ski well hungover? Not me. Join us for camping, tailgating, or any of our other adventures. Our members are from all over the place. You’ll find us on blacks, double-blacks, bunny hills, off the mountain, in the park, hospitals, and everywhere in between. Even if you don’t know anyone, we’ll hook you up with a group to ski with.

What kind of events do you do?

We do it all. Camping, climbing, rafting, boating, skiing, boarding, drinking, partying, horseback riding. We’ve been to all the premier resorts in UTAH, COLORADO, WYOMING, MONTANA, CALIFORNIA as well as regional trips to Michigan, Wisconsin, New York and West Virginia. We like to have a good time. If you have an event idea, let us know!

Tell me about those big ski trips?

There are two big trips a year: one during winter break, usually the week before classes start, and one during spring break. We hit the best resorts in the country! Vail, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Big Sky, Steamboat, Park City, Telluride, and many more. Luxury lodging, transportation there and back, and lift tickets are all included. Our trips usually cost between $500-$800 a trip. You can rent your own equipment at a club discount, or bring your own! For more information, come to our callouts!

I’m nervous about going on the trips ’cause I don’t know anyone.

Come anyway! I promise you that you will meet people on the bus, on the mountain, and at the bars that will become great friends. Almost all of our officers went on their first trip not knowing anyone and came back with some great friends and great memories. Be sure to come to our meetings  (and other events too) to meet members, but even if you can’t make it, you’d be surprised how close you get to people when you spend 30 hours in a bus with them.

When/What are your committee meetings?

Without a dedicated group of people devoted to planning all of our events and then throwing them, none of this would be able to happen — so each year our committee plays a HUGE part in making this club a success. We’re a family here at IUSSC, and no group is tighter than the committee, so get involved and meet the people who help run this club year after year. All our officers are former committee members!

Committee meetings are weekly in a location to be determined in the fall. All are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. Plus there’s almost always free pizza! Make sure you are on our email list for updates and announcements on getting involved.


As always, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!