Membership Dues are required for all club members. You must pay your dues to go on any of our trips, or any of our parties or socials. It’s better to pay them early and reap the benefits as soon as you can. If you have any questions about paying dues, just contact us!

Benefits for Members: Due paying members enjoy a lot of benefits in return for helping out the club. Members get access to all of our events during the year. This includes tailgates, parties, socials, boats, camping trips, poker nights, BBQs, hiking, camping, and winter and spring break ski trips. We put every dollar we make off of our membership dues back to you in the form of pizza, drinks, and awesome events.

For a short time this summer we’re discounting membership dues to $25! If you’re planning on joining us this fall, pay now, save some money and get psyched for an awesome year! The price WILL go up once the school year starts.

How to join the club

1) Sign up for our email list, like us on Facebook, and follow our Twitter account (@iuskiandboard) to receive updates on all of our events. This is the only way you’ll find out about anything so DO IT! Links are on the sidebar.


2) Pay your membership dues with the link below via Credit Card or Paypal (You can also pay in cash or check at any of our events). Remember to pay your dues early in order to get the discount!

3) GET INVOLVED! Get to know the Executive Board and other members, and become familiar with our club happenings by coming to our weekly committee meetings (Monday’s in the Global and International Studies Building room 1118 – 8:00PM). Check out our social events and attend our club- and trip-based call-out meetings! Get involved with our discussion on Facebook and Twitter.