Say hello to your new officers! We are all pretty crazy, a little weird and of course just about the nicest bunch of skiers and snowboarders you’ll ever meet. Come up and chat with us, we can’t wait for another awesome year! (Bonus points if you actually buy us our favorite drink)


President: Nicholas Rillo

Year: 2014 (or Senior)

Major: Finance, Real Estate, Tech Management

Skier or boarder: Boarder

Favorite mountain: Big Sky

Favorite club memory: Actually remembering Finish the Fifth

What drink should you buy me at the bar: Vegas Bombs fah days

One recommendation: Buy me a Vegas Bomb (or five)


Natalie Laser: Vice President

Year: Senior

Major: Exercise Science

Skier or Boarder: Snowboard

Favorite Mountain: Steamboat, Colorado

Favorite club memory: Celebrating my 21st on the bus to Telluride last winter break

What drink should you buy me at the bar: Water Long Island

One recommendation: I recommend that you all go to the quarries (those big rocks they jump off of in Breaking Away)


VP of Finance: Chris Byrne

Year: Senior (5th Year)

Major: Secondary Education

Skier or boarder: Board #SpraySkiers

Favorite mountain: Aspen Highlands

Favorite club memory: the Jon-Marilyn-Charlene episode from Aspen

What drink should you buy me at the bar: Double Whiskey and Coke (Maker’s Mark)

One Recommendation: Go on our trips! You’ll have more fun than you could ever expect.


VP of Marketing: Brooke Chambers

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism, concentration in psychology

Skier or boarder: Boarder, shred that freshy pow pow

Favorite mountain: Breckenridge

Favorite club memory: Natalie Laser’s 21st birthday on the way to Telluride, slumber parties during the day, winter trips and tailgates. Basically everything

What drink should you buy me at the bar: Rum runner

One recommendation: Don’t drink Tequila


VP of Communications: Tera Mullarkey

Year: Senior

Major: Exercise science/pre physical therapy

Skier or boarder: Skier

Favorite mountain: Telluride

Favorite club memory: Family dinners in Telluride

What drink should you buy me at the bar: AMF

One recommendation: Join the club and put yourself out there, you will literally meet your best friends…as cliché as it sounds. I went abroad and these are the people I missed most.

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