Winter Break

MARK THE WEEK OF JANUARY 4 OFF ON YOUR CALENDAR…. WE’RE GOING TO BRECKENRIDGE!! More details will be released in the coming weeks. Get pumped, ski naked! – Exec Board 

Winter Trip FAQs

Explain the travel days?

It takes about a day to get out there and back on the bus, so we leave from Bloomington on the 3rd and get back on the 10th. Make sure you account for that when planning your schedules. Classes start the following Monday. We use luxury busses, with several professional drivers.


I don’t know anyone else on the trip?

That’s not a question! But that’s still fine, we’ll match you up with the right set of roommates based on your preferences, but everyone is wicked friendly, and you’re guaranteed to meet a ton of people the entire trip. The busses are the best way to meet new people so don’t be lame and fly out.

What if I’m not a spectacular skier/rider?

You’ll be just fine. We have skiers and riders at every level, from never been on a mountain all the way to park/pipe and backountry bowls. There’s always plenty of people to ski/ride with.

Hmmm… seems kind of expensive. Is it worth it?

I promise you, unless you go pro or make your future employer pay for all your ski trips, you will never ski for cheaper than this trip. The condos are amazing, you’ll be with close to 1,000 other college students. It’s an spring break with snow, at high altitudes. Get ready. Lift tickets alone would usually cost you nearly $400 for 4 days. We’ll get you that, condos, parties, and transportation for under $700.

Who all can come on the trip?

The trip is open to students age 18+ from ANY school, as well as alumni. So invite your friends, invites your siblings. We have had students from Purdue, Cincinnati, OSU, Ball State, IUPUI, and everywhere in between join us on our trips. They just have to pay their dues with the club (which can be done automatically via the signup link which will be out shortly).


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