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Jennifer Caputo (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Social psychology, medical sociology, aging and the life course, gender, mental health, health inequalities, the sociology of emotions, the family, quantitative research methods

Dissertation Title: “Gender and Mental Health among Contemporary Young Adults in the U.S.”

Dissertation Committee: Jane McLeod (Chair), Eliza Pavalko, Brian Powell, Peggy Thoits, and Robin Simon (Wake Forest University)

Kevin Doran
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Stratification, Globalization, Cross-National Sociology, Development, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Title: "Global Trends in Horizontal Inequality"

Dissertation Committee: Arthur Alderson (Chair), Patricia McManus, Clem Brooks, and Stephen Benard. 

Matthew Gougherty
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Culture, Education, Occupations/Professions, Organizations, Race/Class/Gender, Theory, Qualitative Methods, Social Interaction

Dissertation Title: “Claiming Professionalism: Education in a Public Affairs Program.”

Dissertation Committee: Tim Hallett (Chair), William Corsaro, Donna Eder, and Ethan Michelson.

Sarah Hatteberg
(email: ; website: )

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Sociology of Mental Health, Social Psychology, Sociology of Sport, Sociology of Education, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, International Migration

Dissertation Title: "The Student-Athlete Experience: An Analysis of Stress and Social Support in NCAA Collegiate Athletics"

Dissertation Committee: Peggy Thoits (Chair), Brian Powell, Eliza Pavalko, and Jennifer Lee

Hubert Izienicki

Research and Teaching Interests: Sexuality; Family and Gender; Immigration, Race, and Identity; Social Theory; Research Methods; Social-psychology; Transnationalism and Globalization.

Dissertation Title: "The Role of Immigration in Gay Polish Men's Identity Salience and Gay Community Attachment: A Comparative Study"

Dissertation Committee: Brian Powell (Chair), Peggy A. Thoits, Patricia McManus, Stephen Benard

Joseph B. Johnston

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of Education, Political Sociology, Comparative/Historical, Cultural Sociology, Stratification, Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Title: “Resisting the Market: A Comparative Analysis of Charter School Policy Development in the U.S., 2002-2012”

Dissertation Committee: Pamela Barnhouse Walters (chair), Brian Steensland, Arthur S. Alderson, Brian Powell

Kristin M. Jordan (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of Education, Stratification and Inequality, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, Survey Design and Methodology, Social Theory, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Dissertation Title
: "Beyond Aspirations and Admissions Decisions: The Causes and Consequences of Student College Choice”

Dissertation Committee
: Pamela Barnhouse Walters (chair), Brian Powell, Jennifer C. Lee, Sylvia Martinez

Jaime Kucinskas (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Inequality, Religion, Social Movements, Organizations, Culture, Gender, Globalization, Research Methods, Comparative Sociology

Dissertation Title: “Change without Confrontation: the Making of Mainstream Meditation"

Dissertation Committee: Robert V. Robinson (Chair), Brian Steensland, Fabio Rojas, Timothy Hallett, Larry Isaac.

Ke Li (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Crime and Violence; Law and Society; Inequality and Power; Family and Marriage; Gender; Ethnography; Mixed Research Methods; Contemporary China

Dissertation Title: “Divorce Litigation in Rural China: Legal Mobilization, Gender Inequality, and State Power.”

Dissertation Committee:  Ethan Michelson, Brian Steensland, Sara Friedman, Brian Powell, Philip Parnell, and Harold Pepinsky

Alexander Lu (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Health/Illness, Race/Ethnicity, Violence/Victimization,  Traumas/Disasters, Emotions

Dissertation Title: "Victimhood, Shared Loss, and Commemoration: Emotionally Transforming Murders into Community Traumas"

Dissertation Committee: Peggy A. Thoits (chair), Timothy Hallett, Pamela Braboy Jackson, Brian Powell

Dana S. Prewitt (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Race, Class and Gender; Race and Ethnic Relations, Work and Organizations, Sociology of Education, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Social Psychology, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: "Men's Experiences in Women's Work: Insights from Early Childhood and Elementary Educators" 

Dissertation Committee: Donna Eder (Co-Chair), Quincy Thomas Stewart (Co-Chair), Pamela Braboy Jackson, Brian Powell, Valerie Grim

Michael Vasseur
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Political Sociology, Environmental Policy, Political Culture, Quantitative Research Methods, Fiscal Sociology, Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Dissertation Title: “Political Processes and Variation in Renewable Energy Policies between U.S. States”

Dissertation Committee: Brian Steensland (co-chair), Clem Brooks (co-chair), Patricia McManus, Fabio Rojas