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Current Sociology Faculty

    Rank Research
Art Alderson Arthur S. Alderson
Professor Comparative and Historical Sociology, Social Stratification, Economic and Political Sociology, International Development
Keera Allendorf Keera Allendorf Assistant Professor Demography, Family, Health, Gender, India, Nepal
Weihua An Weihua An Assistant Professor Network Analysis, Causal Inference, Social Policy, Organizations
Stephen Benard Stephen Benard Associate Professor
Director of SISR
Social Psychology, Intergroup Conflict & Cooperation, Gender, Collective Action, Inequality, Theory, and Social Networks
Clem Brooks Clem Brooks Rudy Professor Electoral Politics, Public Opinion, Social Change, Quantitative Methods, Welfare States
Jessica Calarco Jessica Calarco Assistant Professor Education, Family, Children and Youth, Culture, Stratification, Social Interaction, Ethnography
Youngjoo Cha Youngjoo Cha Associate Professor Gender Inequality, Work, Labor Markets, Mobility, Social Inequality, Organizations, Employment Discrimination, Quantitative Methods
Thomas Gieryn Thomas Gieryn Rudy Professor Place, Science, Culture
Tim Hallett Timothy Hallett Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Inhabited Institutionalism, Social Psychology, Organizations, Culture, Theory, Ethnography
No Photo Andrew Halpern-Manners Assistant Professor Social Demography, Sociology of Education, Stratification, Survey Methods 
Elaine Hernandez Elaine M. Hernandez Assistant Professor Sociology of Health and Illness, Social Demography, Life Course, Stratification
Pamela Jackson Pamela Braboy Jackson Professor Social Psychology, Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Race and Ethnic Relations
Jennifer Lee Jennifer Lee Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Sociology of Education, Stratification and Asian American Studies
Scott Long J. Scott Long Distinguished Professor Sociology of Science, Research Methods, Statistics, Health & Aging
Jane McLeod Jane McLeod Provost Professor Mental Health, Medical Sociology, Social Psychology, Stratification, Life Course
No Photo Patricia McManus Associate Professor Stratification and Mobility, Entrepreneurship, Work, Welfare State, Quantitative Methods
Ethan Michelson Ethan Michelson Associate Professor

China, Law and Society, Work and Occupations, Development
Dina Okamoto Dina Okamoto Professor
Director of CRRES
Race/Ethnicity, Immigration, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Inequality
Eliza Pavalko Eliza Pavalko Allen D. and Polly S. Grimshaw Professor of Sociology and
Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Aging and the Life Course, Medical Sociology, Family and Work
Brea L. Perry Brea L. Perry Associate Professor Medical Sociology, Social Networks, Biosociology, Mental Illness, Quantitative Methods
Bernice A. Pescosolido Bernice A. Pescosolido Distinguished Professor Medical Sociology, Suicide, Social Networks, Mental Health/Illness
Brian Powell Brian Powell James H. Rudy Professor
Department Chair
Sociology of Family, Sociology of Education, Gender, Social Psychology
Fabio Rojas Fabio Rojas Professor Organizational Analysis, Political Sociology of Social Movements, Sociology of Education, Mathematical Sociology
Cate Taylor Cate Taylor Assistant Professor Gender, Work and Occupations, Social Psychology, and Health
Peggy A. Thoits Peggy A. Thoits Virginia L. Roberts Professor Social Psychology, Sociology of Mental Health and Mental Illness, Sociology of Emotions, Self and Identity, Stress and Coping
Christine M. Von Der Haar Christine M. Von Der Haar Senior Lecturer Social Psychology, Media and Society, Public Opinion
Pamela B. Walters Pamela B. Walters Rudy Professor Sociology of Education, Stratification/Inequality, Comparative/Historical Sociology
Martin S. Weinberg Martin S. Weinberg Professor Human Sexuality, The Body, Interpretative Sociology, Deviance
David Zaret David Zaret Professor and
Vice President for International Affairs
Historical Sociology, Social History, Social Theory

Faculty Affiliates

Matthew Baggetta 
Daniel Clark
Brad Fulton
Kirsten A. Grønbjerg
John M. Kennedy
Aziza Khazzoom
Sylvia Martinez
Christena Nippert-Eng
Allison Schnable
John H. Stanfield
Gerald D. Suttles
Stanley Wasserman

Postdoctoral Fellows

Tristan Ivory BH 759 Mon & Wed: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Hyeyoung Kwon BH 773

Monday: 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Emeriti Faculty

Robert Althauser
Laurel Cornell
William Corsaro
Phillip Cutright
Donna Eder
Maurice Garnier
Thomas Gieryn
David Heise
Elton Jackson
David James
Cher Jamison
Whitney Pope
Robert Robinson
Sheldon Stryker