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Quiet Rage: Stanford Prison
Psychologist Phillip Zimbardo creates a simulated prison with guards and inmates, but has to close down the experiment after only a few days because the guards get too sadistic. This video shows how behavior, even cruelty, is shaped by roles. (Not in the IU video collection, but video #NC1941 is similar.) 50 minutes
Shawshank Redemption.
Feature Film but has several great clips. I used one scene for an example of anomic suicide but there are several which could be used to demonstrate socialization into a total institution. Plus, most students know and like this movie.
Alicia Suarez
The Wild Child.
I now have this film and would be willing to let others use it. I showed parts of it for my week on socialization.
Alicia Suarez
Frontline: Merchants of Cool.
Examines how corporate marketers seek out what is "cool" among youth and try to catch the "next best thing" among teens. Demonstrates the feedback loop between youth culture and corporations eager to catch the youth demographic. Good for a discussion of culture - youth culture in particular. I don't think Media services has this video - but the main library does.
Jeni Loftus
'Is It a Boy or a Girl?. CC6065
This video, on the topic of intersexuality, earns an A+. I showed the video in my family class, but I think it connects with a wide variety of sociological themes. The video is accessible and provocative. My students seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. The total running time is about 60 minutes, but I thinks smaller segments can be shown effectively.
Jenny Stuber
Killing Us Softly III--Jean Kilbourne. EC2920
This video is the 3rd in Jean Kilbourne's series on the portrayal of women in advertisements. I like this version because it is the most current and the shortest (33 minutes). She also discusses how widespread advertising is in our everyday lives, how this relates to violence against women and stereotypes about women of color and about men. I use this video in S338 Gender Roles and usually follow it up by having the students get into groups and do their own analysis of magazine advertisements (I give each group of 4-6 students several print ads, have them discuss the ads in their group and then give an analysis of one ad to the whole class). This exercise works well and the students often come to the same conclusions about ads as Kilbourne does (I'll tell you more about the exercise if you send me an email). I think that this could also be used in S100 or S230.
Janice McCabe
Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity. CC5718
This video is a great tool for discussing the constructed nature of masculinity by showing masculinity as a disguise/mask/act/front. Features images from the mass media and popular culture (such as Good Will Hunting, slasher films, Howard Stern), which link performances of violence and toughness to manhood. Analyzes the school shootings in the 1990s as symptoms of this masculine crisis. Jackson Katz narrates the film. The film is divided into several parts, which you could show without showing the whole film (57 minutes). I use the whole film in S338 Gender Roles (it's a great way to end the semester), I also plan to show parts of it to my S101 Childhood class, and I think it could also be used in S230 or S100.
Janice McCabe
It's Elementary.
Shot in schools across the US, "It's Elementary" makes a compelling case for including gay issues in multicultural education. Key to the film's effectiveness are scenes of elementary and middle school classrooms where teachers confront anti-gay prejudice and counter gay invisibility. School-aged children discuss gays and lesbians, and what they have to say is open and honest and often amazingly pragmatic and compassionate. An insightful look into how teachers and school administrators can find age-appropriate, sensitive ways to teach children respect for all people, including gays and lesbians. In line with the considerable controversy after it's original air on PBS and subsequent acclaim, this film is scandalously effective. (Available at Monroe County Library)
Brian Sweeney
People Like Us.
"People Like Us" is a wonderful instructional resource. This video takes a cultural look at social class in America. The experiences of a variety of racial and class groupings are explored. The video has funny, insightful, and poignant segments. While the video is at least 90 minutes in length, shorter segments can be shown to illustrate a variety of perspectives (the black middle class, the working poor, class dynamics in high school, upward mobility, the truly elite). Check it out! [This video is avalable at the Monroe County Public Library; it is also owned by several people in the department.]
Jenny Stuber
Life and Debt
This film was shot in Jamaica and does a great job of showing how WTO and WB policies have impacted the economy in Jamaica. It is presented in a way that makes it relevant to students by using tourism in Jamaica as an entry point to Jamaican culture and society.  Wells Library: HC154 .L54 2001b
Kerry Greer