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Kevin Doran

Kevin is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology. His research interests focus on stratification, globalization, and political conflict. Kevin's dissertation examines trends in ethnic inequality in over 60 developing and transnational economies. The project addresses this issue at both the national and individual level. At the national level, it measures the association between globalization and trends in ethnic inequality and the influence of ethnic inequality on growth and poverty reduction rates. At the individual level, the study examines the ways that perceptions of ethnic advantage and disadvantage pattern attitudes and beliefs that may undermine social stability.

In other research, Kevin has examined the national and global correlates of ethnic non-violent and violent conflict severity (with Shiri Noy and forthcoming in Political and Military Sociology: An Annual Review). He has also collaborated with Arthur Alderson on two pieces that explore changes in the shape of income distributions in OECD and transitional economies (published in Inequality beyond Globalization, edited by Christian Sutter and Income Inequality: Economic Disparities and the Middle Class in Affluent Countries, edited by Janet Gornick and Markus Jäntti).

Kevin has taught Introduction to Sociology, Statistics for Sociology, and Charts, Graphs, and Tables for the Sociology Department. Additionally, he has taught Analytic Approaches to Problem Solving for the Liberal Arts and Management Program.

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