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Ann McCranie

Ann McCranieAnn McCranie is an advanced graduate student at IUB. Her research interests are on the organization of care and the social integration of individuals living with severe mental illness.

McCranie's master's thesis focused on the social networks and changing community housing situation of previously hospitalized individuals. While her interest in community living and housing continues, she has more recently turned her attention to the changing institutional logics of mental health services for individuals living with severe mental illness in the United States. Her particular interest (and dissertation topic) involves an emerging concept and practice: recovery-oriented services. She took her qualifying exams in the sociology of organizations, with a special focus on health care.

With her advisor Bernice Pescosolido, McCranie is involved in major study on television and media images of mental illness and their relation to stigma toward mental illness. She is also looking at the organizational factors in workplace networks of psychiatric facility. Since 2007, McCranie has been the lead student qualitative researcher on a NIMH grant that involves the academic and clinical partnership between a community mental health center and an applied research organization.

An additional methodological interest of McCranie is social network analysis. Since 2005, she has co-taught with IUB Statistics Professor Stanley Wasserman both a graduate level social network analysis course and a number of intensive short summer courses through Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research summer program in Ann Arbor, MI and Bloomington. She has experience with both complete network (sociocentric) data and egocentric data.

Her other interests include the medicalization of behavioral and social problems, social networks theory, and public sociology.