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Shawna N. Smith

Shawna N. Smith is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at Indiana University. Prior to IU, she received a BA from the University of Kansas and an MPhil from Oxford University, under the auspices of a US-UK Fulbright Exchange Scholarship. Her research interests center on cross-national & transnational understandings of policy & law from development to implementation to regulation. Her dissertation examines the divergent trajectories of equal employment policy targeting racial & ethnic minorities in the US, UK & Canada. As a corollary, Shawna is also engaged in work exploring the methodological complexities of cross-national research, including examining the implicit assumptions of measurement modeling in cross-national work (with Tait R. Medina & J. Scott Long); understanding cross-national variation in measures of gender ideology (with Tait R. Medina); & developing dyadic methods for categorical data using the Kinsey Institute International Survey of Relationships (with J. Scott Long & Julia Heiman). In her spare time, Shawna enjoys good fiction, better scotch & lots of Jayhawk basketball.

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