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Landon Schnabel

Landon Schnabel

Landon Schnabel is generally interested in gender/race/class, religion, violence, political sociology, sociology of knowledge, and justice. More specifically, he has two related streams of interest arising from his previous religious experiences (he has worked as an associate pastor and assistant chaplain) and education (he holds a BA in theology from Walla Walla University and an MDiv from Andrews University). The first is the use of religious ideology to justify stratification and violence, with special concern for the relationship between conservative religion and intimate partner violence. The second is the relationship between religion and politics, arising from his passion for the separation of church and state and concern for religious minorities, including the religiously unaffiliated, and freedom of thought.

He still considers himself a Northwesterner at heart, though he has also lived in three Northeastern states and is now living in his second Midwestern state. He believes that Sociology's aim should be improving society and championing the cause of the oppressed rather than being just an intellectual exercise. However, he also thinks that rigorous scholarship is important for understanding how best to bring about change.