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Moira Smith

Moira Smith

Moira Smith is the subject librarian for Sociology (and also Anthropology, Folklore, and Gender Studies). After receiving her PhD in folklore and MLS from IU, she served as assistant head of the reference department at the University of Miami (Florida, that is), and returned to IU (in February) to take up her current position. As the librarian for sociology, Moira is available to assist you with your library research and to offer instruction on library and Web resources to your classes.

Moira has published articles in the Journal of Folklore Research, International Folklore Review, and Library Quarterly. Her research interests revolve around humor, witchcraft, legend and belief, and the ethnography of information seeking practices. The following are some of the questions addressed in her research: Are women who write bathroom graffiti really only talking to themselves? When is a joke in bad taste? Did the Inquisition have a sense of humor? In what way is a library like a swimming pool? Ongoing projects include an investigation of the information-seeking behaviors of sociologists, and a history of the male ballet in New Zealand university student revues.

A native of New Zealand, Moira keeps a supply of Vegemite on hand at all times. She lives in Bloomington with two black cats, who have so far resisted all attempts to teach them to do housework.