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Jessica Sprague-Jones

Jessica Sprague-Jones

Jessica graduated magna cum laude from Beloit College in 2001 with a BA in Sociology and Art History. She came to Indiana University in 2004, and earned her MA in Sociology in 2006. The paper that came out of her masters project, "Extreme Right-Wing Vote and Support for Multiculturalism in Europe," has been accepted for publication in Ethnic and Racial Studies. Focusing on comparative political sociology, she is engaged in projects looking at attitudes toward immigrants in several national contexts, support for multiculturalism in unified Germany, and the world city system. Her dissertation project, "The Magic Bullet: The Expansion and Diffusion of Family Policy in Europe," examines stasis and change in family policy in EU member nations. In her free time, she enjoys spoiling her perfect husband, angelic dogs, and fiercely loyal cat.