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Christine M. Von Der Haar

Christine M. Von Der Haar

Christine Von Der Haar received her Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1985. She also holds masters degrees in journalism and secondary education. Her primary interests include social psychology, media and society, and public opinion. Chris taught her first social psychology class over 25 years ago. And, her book Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective was published by Prentice Hall in 2005.

Today, Chris also teaches classes on media and society. Her interest in this topic took root at CBS News where she served as the Manager of Surveys for the CBS/New York Times poll. In this position, Chris worked with reporters and producers covering political campaigns and elections. This experience allowed her to observe how two major media organizations operate on a daily basis. It also provided remarkable insight into how the media cover elections and wars.

Chris teaches a variety of sociology classes that allow her to follow her students from their freshman to senior years in college. She considers teaching undergraduate students one of her greatest rewards in life. And, she takes great pleasure in classes that allow students to express their opinions and develop their critical thinking skills. She was honored to receive the Trustees Teaching Award in 2004.