Program of Talks at the 2001 Person Memory Interest Group Meeting

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Photo of social cognition hiking group on the "shaky bridge"!

Alan Lambert (Washington University) Attitudes as dominant responses: Why public settings can exacerbate racial bias
Power Point slides

Kerry Kawakami (Catholic University of Nijmegen) What do we activate when we think of social categories? And is it possible to control processes related to these associations?

Thierry Devos (Yale University) To be American is implicitly synonymous with being White

Rick van Baaren and Ad van Knippenberg (Catholic University of Nijmegen) Moderators of mimicry

Brian Lickel (University of Southern California) A cognitive appraisal model of collective shame and guilt

Anthony Greenwald (University of Washington) 2001 Thomas M. Ostrom Award Address Nothing so theoretical as a good method

Neal Roese (Simon Fraser University) An anomalous asymmetry in self-serving judgments of event impact is explained by valence-dependent self-reflection
Power Point slides

Stephen Read (University of Southern California) Virtual personality models

Thomas Mussweiler (University of Wuerzburg) Comparison processes in social judgments

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