Program of Talks at the 2002 Person Memory Interest Group Meeting

Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge, Ohio

Ad Van Knippenberg, University of Nijmegen: Mood and Social Categorization
John Jost, Stanford University: System Justifying Effects of 'Poor but Happy' and 'Poor but Honest' Stereotype Exemplars
Melissa Ferguson, Cornell University: Automatic Attitudes Signify the Current Goal Relevance of the Objects
Ayelet Fishbach, University of Chicago: Automatic Processes in Overcoming Temptations
Tanya Chartrand, Ohio State University: Nonconscious Goal Mimicry: Exploring a Perception-Goal Link
Rick Van Baaren, University of Nijmegen: Mimicry and Pro-social Behavior

2002 Thomas M. Ostrom Award Address

Steven J. Sherman, Indiana University: The Legacy of Tom Ostrom: A Tale of Two Eclectics
Photo of Ostrom Award Presentation

Simone Schnall, University of Virginia: Embodied Cognition, Embodied Emotion
Irene Blair, University of Colorado: A Feature-Based Approach to Stereotyping
Jeff Sherman, Northwestern University: More Than Two Ways to Skin a Cat: A Quadruple Process Model of Social Psychology