Program of Talks at the 2004 Person Memory Interest Group Meeting

Stagecoach Inn, Salado, TX

Joseph Forgas, Affective Influences on Information Processing: Mood Effects on Judgmental Errors, Eyewitness Accuracy, and Persuasion

Ruud Custers, Positive Affect as Implicit Motivator: On the Nonconscious Operation of Behavioral Goals

Dave Hamilton, The Heuristic Nature of Frequency Estimates About Groups

Allen McConnell, On the Representation of Self Concept: Multiple Selves, Their Organization, and Implications for Affect

Ana Guinote, Power and Objective Group Variability: Information Processing and Behavior Change Across Situations

Stephanie Goodwin, Social Power and Stereotype Memory Distortions

2004 Thomas M. Ostrom Award Address
Eliot Smith, Groups, Selves, and Emotions
Photo of Ostrom Award presentation.

Kerry Kawakami, The Impact of Social Category Activation on the Self

Yaacov Schul, How People Cope With Chance and Deception

John Edwards, Cognitive Organization of Situation Traits

Simone Schnall, Irrelevant Disgust Makes Moral Judgments More Severe for Those Who Listen to their Bodies