Program of Talks at the 2000 Person Memory Interest Group Meeting

Unicoi State Park, Georgia

Jeff Sherman (Northwestern University) and Steve Stroessner (Barnard College, Columbia University) Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Individuation: Attentional and Attributional Effects

Tanya Chartrand (Ohio State University) Linking Evaluation to Mood: Consequences of Automatic Evaluation

Mirek Kofta and Wladyslaw Narkiewicz-Jodko (University of Warsaw) Cognitive Load, Control Deprivation, and Stereotyping

E. Tory Higgins (Columbia University) Making a Good Decision: Value from "Fit"

Alan McConnell (Miami University, Ohio) Using the Implicit Association Test to Predict Explicit Prejudice and Discriminatory Behavior

Mahzarin Banaji (Yale University) and Tony Greenwald (University of Washington) Point-Counterpoint: Evaluating the Implicit Association Test

David L. Hamilton (University of California, Santa Barbara): 2000 Thomas M. Ostrom Award Address
Perceiving Group Entitativity: What We've Learned, What We Need to Know

Jamie DeCoster and Heather Claypool (Purdue University) A Meta-Analysis of Priming Effects on Impression Formation

Scott Allison (University of Richmond) Principles of Posthumous Impression Formation

Don Carlston (Purdue University) How Our Impressions of Others Change Over Time: Implications of Associated Systems Theory

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