Program of Talks at the 1998 Person Memory Interest Group Meeting

Carrollton, Kentucky

Patty Linville (Duke University), Stereotype inhibition: An unobtrusive measure of racial attitudes

Mark Klinger (University of Alabama), Unconscious perception of race and affect requires both intention and attention

Yaacov Trope (New York University), Stereotyped information search

Dave Schneider (Rice University), Social categories

Lucy Johnston (Univ. of Canterbury, New Zealand), It's the way you walk: Kinematic specification of vulnerability

Oscar Ybarra (University of Michigan), Social understanding and social cognition

Tory Higgins (Columbia University), The motivation-cognition interface: A regulatory focus perspective

Frank van Overwalle (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), A connectionist account of attribution: New evidence and models

Sarah Queller and Eliot Smith (Purdue University), Stereotype change from concentrated or dispersed disconfirming information: New insights from a connectionist model

Thomas Mussweiler (Northwestern University), "Everything is relative": Comparative judgment processes in self-evaluation

Constantine Sedikides (University of North Carolina), Contextual and procedural determinants of partner selection: Of asymmetric dominance and prominence

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