Citation:Vonk, R., & Olde-Monnikhof, M. (in press). Gender Subgroups: Intergroup Bias Within the Sexes. European Journal of Social Psychology

We examined intergroup bias (more favourable evaluations of in-groups than out-groups) at the level of gender subgroups. Male and female subjects listed subgroups of men and women (e.g., career woman, mother). For each subgroup mentioned, we asked the same subjects to (a) describe the characteristics of this group in their own words (coded as positive or negative); (b) give an overall evaluative rating of this group; and (c) indicate whether they themselves belonged to this group. There was no indication that subjects perceptions of subgroups of their own sex were more favourable than of other-sex subgroups. Within subjects own gender category, on the other hand, subgroups they belonged to were described and rated more favourably than subgroups they did not belong to. These results, which can be explained by social identity motives, illustrate that subgrouping does not resolve the problem of negative out-group stereotyping, but merely transfers it to the subordinate level.