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This Help document is about importing repository entries
with the form that appears when you select
Import/Export in the Forms menu.

Adding EPA Profiles
Adding Sub-Repositorries
Sample Data
Displaying Repositories


Adding EPA Profiles

You can incorporate EPA measurements of concepts that you get on your own. One way is to enter one EPA profile at a time as follows:

In advanced mode, click in the number box at the bottom of a word list to get a cursor. Type an EPA profile with the three numbers separated by spaces and/or commas, and press the Enter key. You will see a new entry in the list whose "word" is composed of the numbers that you entered.

The entry is not a permanent addition to the list, but the entry does remain available until you end your Interact session. The temporary entry can be used in defining a situation or an event just like regular words in the list.

The new entry uses the same EPA profile for both males and females. The entry passes every Interact gate, so it can occur in any institutional setting.

Adding Sub-Repositories

The other way to incorporate EPA measurements is with the form described here.

The Import/Export form has four radio buttons to signal what kind of EPA data you are importing: Identities, Behaviors, Modifiers, or Settings. Data will be incorporated into the repository that you choose with these radio buttons.

A text box is in the middle of the form. This is where you paste the data that you want to incorporate.

You could enter data in the box using the keyboard on your computer, but it is better to type the entries in a word processor, and then copy-and-paste into Interact. The contents of the box will be cleared when you import the data!

Follow these rules in preparing the entries.

bullet The first item on each line must be a word. Use only letters, embedded digits, or the characters [\_`^] . The item must not have spaces within it because then it would be considered to be multiple items. To enter a phrase, separate words with the underline character _.
bullet Items two through seven must be decimal numbers separated by spaces. Interact expects the first three decimal numbers to be an EPA profile from males and the second three decimal numbers to be an EPA profile from females.

When the box contains the entries that you want to import, click the Import entries below button. That will make the entries ready to use in Interact. You can find them at the head of repository lists on the Define situation and Define events forms. The entries also are available for the searches Interact conducts. The new entries remain until you end your Interact session, or switch to another culture.

The Replace current entries checkbox at the bottom allows you to erase all of the current lines in a repository. Then the repository will consist only of your new entries.

Sample Data

The following identity entries exemplify the rules stated above. These entries are based on EPA ratings obtained from American university students in 1996.

You can import these data into Interact as follows:

  1. Drag the computer cursor over the lines below to select them.
  2. Copy by pressing the appropriate keyboard keys (e.g., CTRL-C on computers with Microsoft Windows).
  3. Go to the Interact Import-entries screen, click in the text box, and press the keys to paste (CTRL-V on Microsoft computers).
  4. Click the Import entries below button

AIDS_patient -0.91 -1.26 -1.91 -0.20 -1.87 -2.17
closet_homosexual -0.43 -1.43 -1.43 -0.27 -1.33 -1.24
conservative 0.43 0.57 -0.62 0.25 0.77 -0.36
drinker -0.48 0.09 1.39 -1.07 -0.61 1.17
drug_user -2.04 -0.91 0.52 -2.20 -1.37 -0.26
man_with_earrings 0.22 0.57 1.17 0.96 0.83 1.11
woman_with_earrings 1.87 0.35 -0.04 1.82 0.58 0.56
someone_with_eating_disorder -1.83 -1.57 -1.00 -1.46 -1.57 -1.13
ex_boyfriend -1.00 0.43 0.05 -1.63 -0.48 -0.07
ex_girlfriend -0.36 -0.32 -0.36 -0.17 -0.34 0.23
feminist -1.26 0.78 2.35 1.28 1.76 2.35
fraternity_member -0.52 0.26 1.74 0.17 1.09 2.41
grit_rural_Hoosier -0.14 -0.82 -0.45 0.14 -0.52 0.10
lesbian 0.17 0.52 1.52 -0.48 -0.65 0.26
man_without_earrings 1.04 0.96 0.52 1.24 0.80 0.57
woman_without_earrings 1.17 0.04 0.09 1.27 0.44 0.40
openly_gay_person -0.35 -0.09 -0.13 0.23 -0.23 0.02
person_with_body_piercings -1.04 -0.48 0.57 0.20 -0.07 0.93
radical -0.45 1.00 2.36 0.50 1.00 2.00
room-mate 1.35 0.96 0.70 1.71 0.82 1.20
smoker -1.14 -0.64 -0.55 -1.26 -0.72 0.20
sorority_member 0.50 0.05 1.32 0.40 0.40 1.89
person_with_tattoos -0.43 0.39 1.26 0.68 0.34 1.07

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More importable data sets are available.

Displaying Repositories

Click the Show current entries button to get a listing of current repository data. The listing will be of identities, behaviors, modifiers, or settings―depending on which radio button is marked.

To export the data, select and copy the lines inside the text box, then paste in another application.

Each line contains, respectively:

bullet The word,
bullet Mean Evaluation rating from males,
bullet Mean Potency rating from males,
bullet Mean Activity rating from males,
bullet Mean Evaluation rating from females,
bullet Mean Potency rating from females,
bullet Mean Activity rating from females,
bullet Codes for concept gates as specified on the Find Concepts form. Code zero indicates the word is excluded by a particular gate; code one indicates that the gate passes the word. The last three gates for nouns and verbs are MonadicAssemblage, and Corporal.

Commas separate fields.

1997, 2000, 2011
David Heise