Facilities Data

Pdf plans for Academic Buildings
(requires valid ADS logon)

Floor plans for Indiana University facilities which house major academic/administrative public access areas are available to Students, Faculty, & Staff for all campuses.  You must have a university network login and password to access the floor plans.

For facilities of designated limited access due to security restrictions, IU Faculty & Staff may request floor plans from Space Information.

Important:  Lend your eyes to help us keep IU floor plans accurate! If you notice inconsistency between the floor plan and field observations, please contact Space Information.  We will follow up and correct as needed. (Examples include: permanent room number sign does not match room number on floor plan; wall, door or window out of place). Thank you!

Enter FM:Interact - Restricted access, requires Facilities Data Security Agreement on file

CAFM Reports: Secured site for IU CAFM (Computer Assisted Facilities Management) reports