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Name Email Field Area(s) of concentration / Dissertation Title
Agauas, Hannah hagauas Literature

20-21st century Caribbean literature.

Alvis Barranco, Cenaida calvisba Literature & Comparative Literature José Asunción Silva and José María Vargas Vila; Modernity, modernism and modernismo.
Baxter, Robert rpbaxter Linguistics Interactional Competence, L2 Pragmatic Instruction, Discourse Analysis.
Bayas, Ninfa nlbayas Literature Contemporary Latin American Literature.
Bedinghaus, Robert rbedingh Linguistics

Second language phonology and phonetics.

Bongiovanni, Silvina scbongio Linguistics Laboratory Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition.
Boyd, Beth bethboyd Literature  
Carbajal, Eric ecarbaja Literature

Peruvian and Contemporary Spanish American literature.

Title: Discourses of Violence and Power in the Postmodern Peruvian Novel.

Clay, Rebecca rlclay Linguistics  
Cole, Christina colece Literature Early Modern Spanish Literature.

Daidone, Danielle

ddaidone Linguistics L2 phonology, particularly L2 lexical encoding; L1 and L2 sociolinguistics.

Davidson, Christopher

chrdavid Linguistics Universal Grammar, Syntax/Phonology Interface, Intonation Systems, Discourse uses of Syntax and Intonation.
Delgado, Gibran gdelgado Linguistics

Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition and Phonetics. Tense and aspect variation and acquisition in L2,  production and perceptions of /r/ and /x/. I work on Caribbean Spanish with particular interest in Puerto Rican Spanish. 

Elias, Maria Vanessa mavelias Linguistics Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Heritage Language Acquisition.
Fedonkina, Valeria vfedonki Literature

Peninsular and Transatlantic literature: texts by Spanish Republican exiles in Mexico. 

Tentative title: Hybridity in Transatlantic Literature: Texts by Spanish Female Intellectuals Exiled in Mexico.

Ferguson, Kane kaneferg Literature


Figert, Stephen sfigert Literature Paradox in Early Modern Spanish Literature.
Filimonova, Valentyna valefili Linguistics

Sociolinguistics, pragmatics, SLA.

Fitzsimmons, Mark mafitzsi Literature

Contemporary Latin American Literature; Political and Literary Theory.

Fritz, Robert (Moses) rkfritz Literature

Early Modern Peninsular Literature.

Galarza Galarza, Iraida igalarza Linguistics

Second language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Phonology and Phonetics.

Gardner, Nora nlgardne Literature

Domestic Spaces and Female Identity Politics in 20th century Spain.

Garrett, Jordan garretjm Linguistics Spanish morphosyntax, L2 acquisition and processing of interface properties, SLA in natural and classroom contexts and second/foreign language pedagogy.
Garza-González, Cristobal crigarza Literature

Narrative without nation: World History and European national construction throughout the eyes of contemporary Mexican writers.  
Tentative title: Extraterritorial Literature in Mexico.

Guidarelli, Kaitlin kaitguid


Gender and Race in Colonial Latin America.
Guimaraes, Maria Cintra mcguimar Portuguese  
Henderson, Carly crh5 Linguistics

Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy, and L2 Syntax.

Herring, Elizabeth emherrin Linguistics Language Contact, Morphosyntax, and Paraguayan Spanish.
Hessenthaler, Anthony ahessent Literature Colonial Latin America and Philippines.
Ibarra, Angelica aibarra Literature Early Modern Spanish Literature.
Johnson, Matthew msjohns Literature

Modern Latin American Literature, Critical Theory, Aesthetic Theory.

Kanczuzewski, Paul pkanczuz Literature Parody in Vicente Huidobro's Creacionismo.
Knight, Justin justnkig Literature

19th century Latin American narrative.

Lavin, Erin eelavin Linguistics

Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Courtroom talk, Linguistic Anthropology.

Title: Pleading Comprehension: Discourse in Criminal Hearings for Spanish-Speaking Defendants.

Le Calvez, Gaëlle glecalve Literature Modern and Contemporary Latin American Poetry.
Linford, Bret blinford Linguistics Second Language Acquisition; Subject pronoun variation; Individual differences
Tentative Title: The second language development of dialect-specific morphosyntactic variation in Spanish during study abroad.
Long, Avizia aylong Linguistics

SLA, Sociolinguistics, Phonology.

López Pajares, Alvaro alvalope Literature


Markle, Jackie jmmarkle Literature

20th and 21st Century Iberian and Latin American literature and film; Gender and identity politics; Trauma and Memory theory.

Martinez, Cynthia cm77 Literature  
McDyer, Elizabeth eamcdyer Literature Representations of the Virgin Mary in Contemporary Latin American literature and film.
McKinnon, Sean samckinn Linguistics

Phonetics/Phonology, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Language Contact, Catalan linguistics.

Milla Muñoz, Angel amilla Linguistics

Sociolinguistics, Phonetics and Phonology, and Second Language Acquisition.

Mitchell, Tamara mitchetl Literature

Post-national literary production in Spanish and Portuguese; Political and literary theory.

Mojedano Batel, Andrea amojedan Linguistics

Historical Linguistics, Grammaticalization, Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics Interface.

Mundo Rios, Moraima mmundori Portuguese Constructing the Child in Late Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Brazilian Literature.
Pecorelli, Joseph jpecorel Portuguese First-generation Brazilian Modernism, Exile and Migration in Lusophone Literature.
Piqueres Gilabert, Rosa rmpiquer Linguistics Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Phonetics and Phonology.
Rammell, Charlotte (Sophia) crammell Linguistics Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Science, and Phonology.
Robinson, Ellen ellrobin Literature Afra-Hispanic women writers, Afro-Latina/o literature, black nationalism, gender and identity politics and 20th-21st cent Latin America literature and film.
Rodríguez-Pereira, Victor redriguv Literature Medieval Iberian literatures. 
Tentative title:
Iberian Monstrosities: Semiology of the Monster in Medieval Iberian Literature.
Salzano, Olivia Holloway ohollowa Portuguese  
Santander, Jorge jorsanta Literature  
Schroff, Alysa aschroff Literature  
Sedo del Campo, Beatriz mbsedode Linguistics Laboratory phonetics/phonology, Spanish in contact, Sociolinguistics, SLA.
Shabani, Amina ashabani Literature Contemporary Afro-Latin American literature, Contemporary  Afro-Caribbean (Hispanophone and Francophone) Literature.
Tentative Title: History, Memory and Trauma in Contemporary Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean Literature by Women.
Solon, Megan msolon Linguistics Second Language Acquisition, L2 Phonology. Title: Do learners lighten up? Phonetic and allophonic acquisition of Spanish /l/ by English-speaking learners.
Spurlock, Daryl dcspurlo Literature  
Suárez Morales, Jose jsuarezm Literature  
Weirich, Krista khweiric Literature

19th and 20th century Latin American Fiction, Visual Culture, Collective Memory.

Zahler, Sara szahler Linguistics

SLA, Sociolinguistics, & L1 and L2 Phonology.

Zhang, Tingting zhang437 Literature