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Graduate Students

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Doctoral Students in Hispanic Linguistics

Name Email Field Area(s) of concentration / Dissertation Title
Baxter, Robert rpbaxter Linguistics Interactional Competence, L2 Pragmatic Instruction, Discourse Analysis.
Bedinghaus, Robert rbedingh Linguistics

Second language phonology and phonetics.

Bongiovanni, Silvina scbongio Linguistics Laboratory Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition.
Clay, Rebecca rlclay Linguistics  
Daidone, Danielle ddaidone Linguistics L2 phonology, particularly L2 lexical encoding; L1 and L2 sociolinguistics.
Davidson, Christopher chrdavid Linguistics

Universal Grammar, Syntax/Phonology Interface, Intonation Systems, Discourse uses of Syntax and Intonation.

Delgado, Gibran gdelgado Linguistics Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition and Phonetics. Tense and aspect variation and acquisition in L2,  production and perceptions of /r/ and /x/. I work on Caribbean Spanish with particular interest in Puerto Rican Spanish. 
Elias, Maria Vanessa mavelias Linguistics

Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Heritage Language Acquisition.

Filimonova, Valentyna valefili Linguistics

Sociolinguistics, pragmatics, SLA.

Galarza Galarza, Iraida igalarza Linguistics

Second language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Phonology and Phonetics.

Garrett, Jordan garretjm Linguistics Spanish morphosyntax, L2 acquisition and processing of interface properties, SLA in natural and classroom contexts and second/foreign language pedagogy.
Henderson, Carly crh5 Linguistics

Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy, and L2 Syntax.

Herring, Elizabeth emherrin Linguistics Language Contact, Morphosyntax, and Paraguayan Spanish.
Juarez-Cummings, Elizabeth ejuarezc Linguistics Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Spanish in Contact.
Lavin, Erin eelavin Linguistics

Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Courtroom talk, Linguistic Anthropology.

Title: Pleading Comprehension: Discourse in Criminal Hearings for Spanish-Speaking Defendants.

Linford, Bret blinford Linguistics

Second Language Acquisition; Subject pronoun variation; Individual differences
Tentative Title: The second language development of dialect-specific morphosyntactic variation in Spanish during study abroad.

Long, Avizia aylong Linguistics SLA, Sociolinguistics, Phonology.
McKinnon, Sean samckinn Linguistics Phonetics/Phonology, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Language Contact, Catalan linguistics.
Milla Muñoz, Angel amilla Linguistics

Sociolinguistics, Phonetics and Phonology, and Second Language Acquisition.

Mojedano Batel, Andrea amojedan Linguistics

Historical Linguistics, Grammaticalization, Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics Interface.

Moore, Patrick pkmoore Linguistics

Pragmatics, Discourse Markers, Deixis, Morphosyntactic variation, Translation and Interpreting Studies, and Community Interpreting.

Piqueres Gilabert, Rosa rmpiquer Linguistics

Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Phonetics and Phonology.

Rammell, Charlotte Sophia crammell Linguistics Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Science, and Phonology.
Sedo del Campo, Maria Beatriz mbsedode Linguistics Laboratory phonetics/phonology, Spanish in contact, Sociolinguistics, SLA.
Solon, Megan msolon Linguistics

Second Language Acquisition, L2 Phonology.

Title: Do learners lighten up? Phonetic and allophonic acquisition of Spanish /l/ by English-speaking learners.

Zahler, Sara szahler Linguistics

SLA, Sociolinguistics, & L1 and L2 Phonology.

M.A. Students in Hispanic Linguistics

Name Field Email
Anderson, Elizabeth Linguistics ea6
Charles, Sherman Linguistics sdcharle
Clay, Rebecca Linguistics rlclay
DiBartolomeo, Megan Linguistics mdibarto
Escalona Torres, Juan Linguistics jumescal
Glide, Margaret Linguistics mglide
Jung, Daniel Linguistics danjung
Merino, Laura Linguistics lmerino
Michalski, Ian Linguistics imichals
Navajas Sanchez, Gloria Linguistics


Quispe, Gabriela Linguistics gquispe
Raynor, Eliot Linguistics epraynor
Sago, Travis Linguistics tsago
Silva, Jeanette Linguistics jlsilva
Taylor, Jenna Linguistics taylor57
Wilson, Anna Linguistics annewils