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Jonathan Risner | Faculty

Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Office: GISB 2163
TEL: 855-5732
Email: jtrisnerat indiana dot edu


Ph.D. Comparative Literature, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2012
M.A. Comparative Literature, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2005
B.A. English and Spanish, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1999


  • Latin American cinema
  • Latina/o cinema
  • Horror cinema
  • Film theory

Selected Publications

  • “Las multitudes no-muertas: Alegorías del neoliberalismo en Plaga zombie y Plaga zombie: Zona mutante.” Horrofílmico: Aproximaciones al cine de terror en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Eds. Rosana Díaz-Zambrana and Patricia Tomé. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Isla Negra, 2012. 83-98.
  • “Is it There?: Specters of the Dirty War in Contemporary Argentine Horror Cinema” In The Argentine Film. Eds. Daniela Ingruber and Ursula Prutsch. Münster/Berlin/Vienna/Zurich: LIT Verlag, 2012. 93-107.
  • “Killers on the Pampa: Gender, Cinematic Landscapes, and the Transnational Slasher in Adrián García Bogliano’s Habitaciones para turistas (2004) and 36 Pasos (2006).” Hispanet 4 (2012): n. pag.
  • “‘Authentic’ Latinas/os and Queer Characters in Mainstream and Alternative Comics.”  In Multicultural Comics: From Zap! to Blue Beetle. Edited by Frederick Luis Aldama. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2010. 39-54.
  • “‘This City is Killing Me’”: The Circulation of Argentine Horror Cinema and Buenos Aires in Pablo Parés and Daniel de la Vega’s Jennifer’s Shadow (2004) and De la Vega’s Death Knows Your Name (2007). Studies in Hispanic Cinema 7.1 (2011): 23-34. 


  • HISP-S 328: Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • HISP-S 412: Spanish America: The Cultural Context
  • HISP-S 422: Hispanic Cinemas
  • HISP-S 695: Topics in Hispanic Cinemas

Current Research Projects

  • Contemporary Argentine horror cinema
  • Gated communities and filmic spaces in Argentine and Mexican cinema
  • Latina/o assassins
  • Latin American punk cinema