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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Course Descriptions: Summer Session I 2008

Spanish Language
Literatures in Spanish
Hispanic Linguistics
Hispanic Culture
Individual Readings

Spanish Language

HISP-S 100 Elementary Spanish (4 credits)

By permission only. Call (812) 855-8612 or e-mail

The course presents a four‑skills approach to Spanish with an emphasis on critical thinking skills. Students will practice speaking in small groups in class as well as reading and discussing materials in Spanish. Grading is based on exams, homework, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final exam. Enrollment in S100 is restricted to those with less than 2 years of high school Spanish or with the consent of the department. All others must enroll in S105. The next course in the sequence for HISP-S 100 students would be HISP-S 150 Elementary Spanish II.

HISP-S 100 #2394 8:55A-10:10A Daily BH 337 STAFF

Note: A student wishing to enroll in HISP-S 100 must call or e-mail to request permission.

HISP-S 200 Second-Year Spanish I (3 credits)

Prerequisite: HISP-S 105 or HISP-S 150 or equivalent.

This course reviews some of the basic structures studied in the first year, and examines them in greater detail. Emphasis remains on the four skills and on critical thinking skills. Short literary readings are also included. Grades are based on exams, homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final exam. Homework load is substantial. The next course in this sequence is HISP-S 250 Second-Year Spanish II.

HISP-S 200 #2399 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH233 STAFF
HISP-S 200 #2400 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH222 STAFF
HISP-S 200 #2401 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH142 STAFF
HISP-S 200 #2402 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH135 STAFF

HISP-S 250 Second-Year Spanish II (3 credits)

Prerequisite: HISP-S 200 or equivalent.

This course continues the work of HISP-S 200 with a continued emphasis on the four skills and on critical thinking skills. Short literary readings are also included. Grades are based on exams, homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final exam. Homework load is substantial. After successful completion of this course, the foreign language requirement is fulfilled for schools that require a 4th -semester proficiency.

HISP-S 250 #2405 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH016 STAFF
HISP-S 250 #2406 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH317 STAFF
HISP-S 250 #2407 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH238 STAFF
HISP-S 250 #2408 8:55A-10:10A DAILY BH347 STAFF

HISP-S 310 Spanish Grammar and Composition (3 credits)

Prerequisite: HISP-S 275 or equivalent

This course integrates the four basic language skills into both a review of the major points of Spanish grammar and a structured approach to composition. Course work will combine grammar exercises with the writing of compositions of increasing length and complexity.

HISP-S 310 #2413 8:55A-10:10A Daily BH344 Prof. Silvana Falconi

HISP-S 491 Elementary Spanish for Graduate Students (3 credits)

This course is designed to enable graduate students to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency in reading Spanish for their research. To help these students reach an adequate level of proficiency, the course will focus on elementary and intermediate concepts of Spanish grammar and translations of literary journalistic and other kinds of texts.

Next course in the sequence is HISP-S 492.

HISP-S 491 #2415 6:30P-8:30P MTWR BH 138 STAF



HISP-P 115 Portuguese for Business (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide the beginning Portuguese student with a foundation in both the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture in the Business context.  The course alternate between the teaching of the language and the culture of business in Brazil. By the end of the term, students will have developed some foundational skills in three main areas:  Language and Communication, Business Culture, and Portuguese Grammar.  The course is taught in both English and Portuguese.

HISP-P 115   #4828    10:00A-11:15A    MTWR    Room TBA     Castro, Vania

NOTE: This is a non-standard term. This class meets June 23 through July 17, 2008.

HISP-P 135 Intensive Portuguese (4 credits)

For students from secondary school placed into the second semester of first‑year study or those with a strong background in Spanish or another Romance Language. Content of HISP-P 100 and HISP-P 150 covered at an accelerated pace. Credit not given for both HISP-P 135 and HISP-P 150.

Note: HISP-P 135 can count for an elective in the Spanish major requirements as the 300-level elective.

HISP-P 135 #2384 2:35P-4:30P Daily BH 134 STAFF

Note: Above section HISP-P 135 will meet jointly with HISP-P 491.

HISP-P 491 Elementary Portuguese for Graduate Students (3 credits)

An accelerated introduction to the structure of the Portuguese language, covering in one semester content matter usually reviewed in two semesters.

HISP-P 491 #2385 2:35P-4:30P Daily BH 134 STAFF

Note: Above section HISP P491 will meet jointly with HISP P135.

HISP-P 494 Readings in Luso-Brazilian Literature (1-3 credits)

Prerequisite: Consent of the department. BY PERMISSION ONLY
E-mail concerning the permission.

May be repeated for a maximum of up to 6 credit hours as long as each registration covers a different topic.

HISP-P 494 #2386 Permission needed Arranged Professor Darlene Sadlier


Literatures in Spanish

HISP-S 333 The Hispanic World (3 credits)

Prerequisite: HISP-S 310 or equivalent

This course is a study of Hispanic literature through the analysis and discussion of representative literary works from both Spanish America and Spain.  It includes an introduction to narrative, poetry, and theater.  Students will be evaluated on the basis of class attendance and active participation, exams, and written assignments. The course will be taught in Spanish.

Note:  Credit is given for only two of the following:  S331, S332, S333

HISP-S 333 #2414 8:55A-10:10A Daily BH 018 STAFF


Hispanic Linguistics

HISP-S 326 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (3 credits) Prerequisites: S310 or equivalent.  

This course is an introduction to basic concepts and methodology used in Spanish Linguistics. The main goal of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to learn the tools of linguistic analysis and to apply them to the study of Spanish. Attention will be given to different levels of analysis in linguistics including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and language variation. Class time will be divided between lecture, problem-solving exercises, and discussion. Evaluation will be based on exams, class participation, and homework, experiments, and other assignments. This course carries N & M credit.

  HISP-S 326 #5217 10:20A-11:35A Daily BH236 Prof. Manuel Díaz-Campos  

Note to majors who started at IU prior to Fall 2003: HISP-S 326 can fulfill the 400-level linguistics requirement

HISP-S 495 Hispanic Colloquium (3 credits)

Variable Title: The Role of Instruction in Learning Second Language Pragmatics

 Prerequisite: HISP-S 326 or equivalent

Pragmatics is “the study of language from the point of view of users, especially of the choices they make, the constraints they encounter in using language in social interaction and the effects their use of language has on other participants in the act of communication (Crystal 1997, p. 301). When learning a second language, learners need to develop the ability to appropriately communicate different actions such as requesting, apologizing, or refusing, as well as other conversational practices such as the proper use of discourse markers (actually, well, anyway, I mean) or the sequential structure of openings or closings in the target language. This knowledge requires both a grammatical and a pragmatic knowledge of the target language.

The aim of this course is to examine the role of instruction in pragmatics when learning to communicate in a second language. This course has three main goals: i. to review the research on instruction in second language pragmatics (implicit/explicit instruction); ii. to examine the issue of pragmatic development as a result of pedagogical intervention over simple exposure of the target language in the classroom; and, iii. to review current models for teaching various aspects of pragmatics at the discourse level from beginning to advanced levels. Some key topics that will be discussed include: the pragmatic input available in the classroom and in language textbooks, the role of pragmatic consciousness-raising, pragmatic input in both second (host environment) and foreign language contexts, research-based pedagogical implications for incorporating pragmatics into the syllabus/classroom, universal pragmatic knowledge, and the role of pragmatic instruction prior to and during study abroad.

Class format includes discussion of class readings, short critical essays, and a final paper that examines the effectiveness of instruction of one aspect of second language pragmatics. Course expectations will be adjusted for undergraduate and graduate students.

HISP-S 495 #4827 12:00P-2:05P MWR BH208 Prof. César Félix-Brasdefer

Note: This HISP-S 495 class meets jointly with HISP-S 695


Hispanic Culture

HISP-S 275 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 credits)

Prerequisite: HISP-S 250 or equivalent.

This course serves as a bridge between the HISP-S 200 and HISP-S 300 levels and is designed to increase proficiency in Spanish in the four skills areas (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) through reading, writing, and discussion of Hispanic culture. HISP-S 275 also serves to review and expand upon Spanish grammar elements studied at the 100 through 200 levels. This course treats facets of popular culture, the diversity of the Spanish speaking world, and themes of social and political importance. Evaluation is based on quizzes, exams, compositions, homework, participation, and oral presentations. This course is required for minors and majors unless the student tested into the 300 level. Course conducted in Spanish.

HISP-S 275 #2412 10:20A-11:35A Daily BH148 STAFF

NOTE: Students who test out or place above HISP-S 275 will need to replace its 3 credits with an extra course at the Spanish 300 or 400 level for the Spanish minor or major degree.

Individual Readings

HISP-S 494 Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies (1-3 credits)

Permission needed. Call Spanish & Portuguese Office at (812) 855-8612.

Prerequisite: Consent of the department. Approval must be given by Director of Undergraduate Studies.

This course is by permission only. This course is used only in emergencies pertaining to graduating seniors who are short credit hours for graduation. Course may be repeated once with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours. This course cannot be used for the Spanish 300/400 level requirements for the major or minor.

HISP-S 494 #2417 Permission Arranged Arranged Prof. Carl Good