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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Course Descriptions: Summer Session II 2013

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HISP-P 494  Readings in Luzo-Brazilian Literature  (1-3 credits)
Prerequisite:  Consent of the Department      BY PERMISSION ONLY. Call (812) 855-8612 or  E-mail concerning the permission.
May be repeated for a maximum of up to 6 credit hours as long as each registration covers a different topic.
HISP-P 494     #8934        Arranged                 Arranged                 Prof. Darlene Sadlier


Spanish courses


HISP-S 150 Elementary Spanish II (4 credits)  
Prerequisite: HISP-S 100

This course continues the work of S100 with continued emphasis on all four skills and on critical thinking skills. Students will practice speaking in small groups in class, as well as reading and discussing materials in Spanish. Grading is based on exams, homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final exam. The next course in this sequence is HISP-S 200 Second-Year Spanish I. 

Note: HISP-S 150 is for those students who took HISP-S 100 Elementary Spanish here at IUB or took an equivalent course at a regional campus or other university.

HISP-S 150   #8942     8:10A-9:50A    Daily    BH 134    STAFF

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HISP-S 200 Second‑Year Spanish I    (3 credits)
Prerequisite: HISP-S 105 or HISP-S 150 or equivalent. 

This course reviews some of the basic structures studied in the first year, and examines them in greater detail. Emphasis remains on the four skills and on critical thinking skills. Short literary readings are also included. Grades are based on exams, homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final exam. Homework load is substantial. The next course in this sequence is HISP-S 250 Second-Year Spanish II.

HISP-S 200   #8946    8:10A-9:25A    Daily     BH 135      STAFF

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HISP-S 250 Second‑Year Spanish II  (3 credits)
Prerequisite: HISP-S 200 or equivalent. 

This course continues the work of HISP-S 200 with a continued emphasis on the four skills and on critical thinking skills.  Short literary readings are also included. Grades are based on exams, homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final exam. Homework load is substantial. After successful completion of this course, the foreign language requirement is fulfilled for schools that require a 4th -semester proficiency. For those students who wish to go on for a minor or major in Spanish, the next course to take would be HISP-S 280 Spanish Grammar in Context.

HISP-S 250   #8952       8:10A-9:25A     Daily     BH 140      STAFF
HISP-S 250   #8953       8:10A-9:25A     Daily     BH 319      STAFF

HISP-S 280  Spanish Grammar in Context   (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  HISP-S 250 or equivalent course.

The goal of this course is to provide students with the language skills necessary to pursue upper division course work in Spanish.  The main focus is on the development of formal linguistic skills through explicit grammar instruction, reading original texts by contemporary authors, and developing the link between literature and culture through writing and conversation.  Students will cover a variety of topics for which assignments involving composition, conversation, and/or the formal aspects grammar will be given.  In this way, the course offers an overview of grammar, explicitly focused on its formal aspects.  There will be four short compositions, two medium-length compositions, readings of annotated literary and/or cultural texts, incorporating internet sources as a complement to the readings.  The course will be conducted in Spanish.

HISP-S 280     #13080        8:10A-9:25A      Daily      BH 307       STAFF

HISP-S 324  Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  HISP-S 280 or equivalent course.

This course critically examines a variety of Hispanic cultural contexts, with special attention devoted to the Hispanic Caribbean, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and the Andean nations.  The study sequence follows three primary topical units:  Race & Mestizaje, Gender & Sexuality and Memory & Post-Dictatorship.  Focusing on a variety of texts (visual, literary, documentary, historiographical) from different historical periods (1600’s to the present), the course explores the historical and cultural traits which are unique to the regions studied as well as the many elements they share in common. Course carries A & H Breadth of Inquiry and Global Civilizations & Cultures credit.

HISP-S 324    #14412       11:00A-12:15P   Daily     BH 314      STAFF

HISP-S 492   Readings in Spanish for Graduate Students   (3 credits)
For Graduate Students Only

This course is designed to enable graduate students to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency in reading Spanish for their research.  To help students reach an adequate level of proficiency, the course will study intermediate and advanced concepts of Spanish grammar and translations of literary, journalistic and other kinds of texts.

HISP-S 492    #8956      6:30P-8:30P     MTWR     BH 148      STAFF

HISP-S 494   Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies   (1-3 credits)
Prerequisite:  Consent of the department.  Approval must be given by Director of Undergraduate Studies.
Call (812) 855-8612.

This course is by permission only.  This course is used only in emergencies pertaining to graduating seniors who are short credit hours for graduation.  Course may be repeated once with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.  This course cannot be used for the Spanish 300/400 level requirements for the major or minor.

HISP-S 494     #8958      Arranged                  Arranged                      Prof. Ryan Giles

HISP-S 499  Honors Research in Spanish  (1-3 credits)
Prerequisite:  Approval of the honors advisor.  BY PERMISSION ONLY.   Call (812) 855-8612
Majors doing honors in Spanish would register for this class after they have completed S498 and while they are writing their honors thesis.  Contact Karla Allgood via e-mail at or see in person in BH 844 for permission arrangements.

HISP-S 499   #8959      Arranged                    Arranged                      Prof. Ryan Giles