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Share your professional experience: Career Mentors

SPEA is launching a one-on-one mentor match program. The Career Mentor Program is designed to connect students and career professionals (especially alumni) while establishing networking and career connections. Participation in the program is designed to be mutually beneficial, providing students with invaluable advice and mentors with an opportunity to share their experiences.

Career Professionals Involvement
Alumni and career professionals will have the chance to review students' profiles and applications, choose a compatible mentee, and commit to a one year mentor relationship. Mentors should be amicable, professional, and responsive to student inquires. It is the student’s responsibility to connect with the mentor once a month. This program provides a unique opportunity for a career professional ( with at least 2 years of work experience) to assist a current student as they explore his/her career path and aspirations.

Student Involvement
The mentor program is designed to provide students with necessary skills and advice to assist them in completing their SPEA degree, pursuing professional networking, and executing successful internship/ job searches with the eventual goal of securing full-time employment. Interested students are required to submit a mentor program application through SPEACareers. The mentor/mentee pairing is at the discretion of the mentor, and is typically based on interests and personal similarities shared on the application. Once matched, students are responsible for staying in touch with their mentor through email, phone, video conferencing, and/or in-person visits.

The time commitment for mentors is designed to be very manageable for busy career professionals and distributed over one year, but the resulting connections should last much longer. For more information on the program’s benefits and requirements, please download and review the documents below.

Career Professionals
Mentor- Introduction to Career Mentor Program
Mentor- Time Commitment
Statement of Personal Respect an Harassment

Click here to sign up to be a Career mentor.

If you have further inquiries about serving as a mentor, please contact: Aliza Cazzell, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations,

To apply for a mentor, follow the steps below:

  1. Update your profile on SPEACareers
    1. Profile>Academic>Edit>”Major(s)” and “Graduation Date” 
    2. Note: if you do not have a SPEACareers account then please contact the Career Development Office at 812-855-9639 or to request an account
  2. Upload a Career Mentor Program Application onto SPEACareers as a Resume
    1. Review the application template and sample.
    2. Following the template, use the first page as your resume and the next page as your mentor application.
    3. Upload to Documents>Add New>Document Type = “Resume” and label as “[Name] Mentor Program Application”.
  3. Opt-In to the “IU SPEA Mentor Program”
    1. Documents>Opt-In Resume Books>Select Resume Books Button (located under your Mentor Program Application)>Target Opt-In Resume Book = “IU SPEA Mentor Program”.

Once a mentor match is complete, you will receive the following materials. However, feel free to review them now to learn more about the program’s expectations.

Student-Getting Started Pamphlet
Understanding of Responsibility Agreement
Statement of Personal Respect and Harassment

If you have further inquiries about applying for the mentor program, please contact: Aliza Cazzell, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations, or 812-856-0597.

Please note that this program was adapted from the Xavier University Mentor Program with permission.