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Share your advice: Career Insights Series

Purpose: To enhance professional networking and informal career discussion opportunities for SPEA students.

Program: Alumni and/or employers within the SPEA network agree to participate in hour-long Skype sessions or on-campus visits with SPEA students hosted by the Career Development Office (CDO). During these sessions, students will be exposed to various career paths and organizations as well as be able to ask informal questions. CDO will work with participants to determine the most convenient date/time, then promote the session to students and collect student RSVPs.

Preparation for Participants: possible informational interview questions to anticipate from students

  1. What factors helped you determine that studying at SPEA was the best choice for you?
  2. What factors led you to and helped you choose to work at your place of employment?
  3. What was your major focus of study, and did your academic interests change along the way?
  4. Was there any particular defining moment that helped you decide on a career path?
  5. What kind of knowledge or skillsets are beneficial for those interested in this type of work?
  6. Did you have mentors that were instrumental in helping you determine your career path, and what was the most important advice they offered you?
  7. What aspects of your current position continue to give you inspiration and satisfaction? If there is a downside, what are some of your challenges?
  8. Have you experienced any stumbling blocks during your career journey that have helped you to re-focus or seek a new direction?
  9. What networking or job/internship-seeking advice can you offer someone at the beginning of my career exploration?
  10. I am interested in learning more about your organization and possible internship/job opportunities. Do you have any suggestions to help me achieve this?
  11. Are there other significant professional or personal “influencers” you can name that have helped you arrive at your current career destination?
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