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The Career Development Office teaches one undergraduate course (V252/H267) that focuses on career development for SPEA students. V252/H267 is a required course for all SPEA undergraduates and constitutes 2 credit hours of coursework.

The purpose of the course is for you to develop your own career "tool box" and most importantly your own career identity. SPEA will give you the skills and resources to become self sufficient in your career development, but it is up to you to develop yourself.

The course is conducted in a series of units that mirror the course competencies. Each unit is part of the whole process of career development and you will see universal themes woven throughout the semester. The course will be highly interactive requiring your participation with lectures, videos, out of class activities and real world simulations.

Over the course of the semester, students are required to:

  • Create a professional resume
  • Create a professional cover letter
  • Attend a mock interview
  • Take the MBTI and StrenghtsQuest

Students must successfully pass V252 or H267 in order to have their internship approved.

V252/H267 is offered either in-person or in an online format depending on learning preferences. Students should be aware that the online courses fill quickly.