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National Security

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Careers in National Security

The goal of every intelligence service is to produce reports consisting of evaluated information and forecasts that political, military, and government leaders can use in decision making.

Qualifications Necessary

An advanced degree is desirable along with the ability to speak and read a foreign language, computer literacy, excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills, and historian’s skills.

Entry-level employees generally are assigned to gather information. With experience and training, they can qualify as analysts. Advancement may include postings requiring more responsibility and assignments in foreign countries. They are promoted and given assignments according to the needs of the government. Further advancement leads to management positions.

Potential Employers

Online Resources & Networking


Association of Former Intelligence Officers
6723 Whittier Ave., Suite 303A
McLean, VA 22101-4533 (New site); Also,

  • A good starting point for "information intelligence professionals" to find great career opportunities. This is not an IT-recruiting website. This website is all about the pursuit of "information intelligence" - careers that balance the need for world knowledge with the ability to use technology to achieve action.
  • Resource for those interested in law enforcement area of the security field. The jobs are open for all to review, you can register to receive announcements of new jobs as they are posted, and they have training resources (books) and a calendar of training sessions being offered by various organizations and agencies.
  • Resource for security professionals. Formerly known as the American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS International is an international organization. Visitors to this site can read the latest issue of Security Management, (, check out education and training opportunities, learn about professional certification, or get information on scholarship and grant programs from the association. Members can also access the association’s extensive career center.
  • Resource for security and law enforcement professionals. Job listings require a paid subscription, but much of the resource information is free including great research links to additional online security and law enforcement resources.