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**Check Out Our Video!! ** SPEA Career Development Office- IU Career Fairs Video

Career Fairs are a great way to meet recruiters outside of a formal interview setting and learn what skills or qualifications can make you a more competitive candidate when you begin your job search. You’ll make contacts at companies or organizations where you’d like to work, which can increase your chances of interviewing with the employers you like best.

If you are attending a career fair to learn about specific job opportunities, you should approach the event as you would approach a job interview. It’s a good idea to:

  • Review the list of participating organizations and research the ones that interest you most.
  • Prepare a strategy for working the fair—prioritize employers, identify the information you want from them, and set specific goals (getting an interview, finding out about open positions, etc.)
  • Be ready to explain your degree, internship experience, skills, and strengths.
  • Print out copies of your resume on high-quality paper.
  • Practice answering general interview questions and prepare questions for the recruiters. See our Interview Prep section for common questions.
  • Dress in professional business attire—a full suit or suit alternative. Jeans, sweats, sneakers, and flip-flops are unacceptable.

If you have never been to a career fair on campus before, check out our Career Fair video! We will walk you through a career fair and give you tips on how to make your career fair experience a success!